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To support women’s health SME’s in changing the world.

Hello! We are so happy to have you here. This is the home of Female Health Founders, one of the only global online platforms and networks for ALL women’s health SME’s. We’re all about helping you build the business of your dreams and create the success and impact you want, while making life-long connections and friendships. We’ve worked with many women’s health SME’s from all over the world, across multiple models to turn their ideas into impact and their strategies into success.

We’re here to help you too! No matter whether you are working a full-time job and exploring the idea of starting your own women’s health business, you’re a health coach looking to level up your offering, or you’re a tech entrepreneur getting reading to pitch for investment – we’ve got you covered. We have so many resources and the network to help you make progress and impact no matter what stage you’re at.

Ready to join us in May?


built from a network of people who are passionate about closing the gender health gap, made up of…


founders and business models, working with their unique skill sets, they are all people who strive for…


for both founder and women’s health communities which they generate by working in…


with each other, key experts and partners, creating a movement of women’s health SME’s working together to close the health gap.

4 ways we can help you…

01 – FHF Membership

If you’re looking for more support, connections, networking and learnings to help grow your business then come and join our FHF Inner Circle membership. You’ll get access to masterclasses, directories and more and be able to connect with women’s health business owners from all over the world.

02 – FHF Podcast

Listen to the FHF podcast show which has a new guest every week where we discuss closing the gender health gap with entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration and female leadership.

New episode drops every Thursday.

03 – FHF Strategies For Success

A collection of business strategies from fellow women’s health business owners to help you with your sales, partnerships, systems, marketing and role as a founder.

04 – FHF Live Events

FHF Inner Circle live events all take place via Zoom. Click below to see our full events calendar and book yourself on (£10 for non members – free for members). We release our events 1 month in advance and have two types:

  • Bi-weekly live masterclasses
  • Bi-weekly live networking

Female Health Founders is a must resource for those working in health.

It brings valuable insights for women to understand more about their health and for health founders to see what others are doing and feel inspired, motivated and encouraged through what is shared.

— Claire Thomas

Female Health Founders is a fantastic platform for women’s health businesses. There is such a wealth of expertise from founders being shared in an exciting and innovative way.

— Alison Logan

Female Health Founders is shaping the world for the better by improving the lives of many businesses and people all around the globe. I feel privileged to contribute alongside such amazing founders—it is empowering.

— Sal Judiah

Female health founders is incredibly informative bringing together some of the top voices thought the health industries. 

Sharing a wealth of knowledge and creating a better understanding around women’s health issues

— Aisling Magill

Hello, I’m Bridie Houlihan

Founder of Female Health Founders global platform and network, host of the FHF podcast and champion of women’s health. I’ve been in this industry for 10+ years, but it hasn’t always felt like I was making the impact on the world I wanted to – can you relate? I finally left my academic career and created FHF after dreaming about it for years.

Helping women’s health entrepreneurs like you create profits with purpose is what I live for. My mission is to champion, advocate and support you to create and grow a business we both know can change lives of women and girls across the world.

The FHF approach is simple: remove the barriers that get in the way of building a women’s health business, value learning and foster collaborations over competition.

women chatting during an office break


Looking for more help to grow your women’s health business?

We’ve got you covered. Join our FHF Inner Circle membership to access…

LIVE monthly networking calls, collaboration connections, and support threads.

LIVE monthly masterclasses from our FHF experts and full learning hub access.

Members directory, resources hub and advisors directory at your finger tips.

Chat boards, collaboration opportunities and a global community of women’s health founders

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