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Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO of Female Health Founders

For this week’s FHF Power Hour I interviewed Quirina Adriana, who is an AI Business Automation consultant based in Bali (I was a little jealous as I was sat in my office in rainy Devon!). Get ready to learn and level up your female health businesses with AI business automations!

Hello Quirina, tell me about yourself and your work as a AI Business Automation consultant?

Hi Bridie, my background is in Marketing and Operations, which I have been working in in various sectors like health& wellness as well as tech. With the new possibilities of AI technology I decided to obviously apply it to everything that I have been doing. Now I still help businesses with marketing and business operations – but implementing automated systems and AI in it. 

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What is AI and business automation?

AI is a broad and often overused term. In a nutshell, it’s a technology with access to immense data, capable of providing answers, performing tasks, and predicting outcomes based on historical data. On the other hand, automation is simplifying processes by streamlining a sequence of tasks. Combining AI and automation empowers businesses to accomplish complex tasks in less time, with fewer resources, and more precise results.

What are the capabilities of AI and business automation for 2024?

So endless! The space is moving incredibly fast and feels like a rabbit hole at times. The world will change rapidly and we have to adapt. In terms of our own business however it really enables us to run a business with very few people. As solopreneur this is amazing, being able to scale to amazing heights just through leveraging this technology. It really provides everyone with the chance to start their own venture. 

Which business automation do you recommend female health founders start with if they are new to AI?

I’d recommend diving into language models like ChatGPT for decision-making support. It’s fantastic for identifying niches, crafting marketing strategies, and implementing best practices. Integrating AI into processes early on allows business owners to focus on more critical tasks. Two tools I often use for clients are Make and Voiceflow. One if for Automation and one is leveraging AI for Internal (SOP finding, data analysis, lead generation) or external (customer service) processes.

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What are the top benefits of integrating AI for female health founders?

  1. Time saved
  2. Money saved
  3. More efficiency
  4. More accuracy
  5. Better decision making

Tell me about a project where your client was a female health founder, how did they use AI and automation?

I’ve assisted clients in building AI agents for diverse applications such as content repurposing, customer service, appointment booking, internal SOP finding, and automation. It’s about creating solutions tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

What advice you would give a female health founder if they get stuck down the Chat GPT rabbit hole?

Zoom out, break down your prompt into multiple steps. Reverse engineering can also be incredibly helpful. If you know the result you want, work backward to formulate the prompt and repeat the desired outcome.

Do you recommend female health founders to use Chat GPT/ AI to write their business content? (please include the ‘why’ to your answer).

I recommend everyone leverage ChatGPT for business, but with a caution. It’s fantastic for strategy, bullet points, and outlining ideas. However, building a brand requires authenticity, an aspect ChatGPT hasn’t quite mastered yet. Use it as a tool to enhance your content, not replace the genuine voice of your brand.

AI Business Automation, ai automation for businesses,
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3 Actions To Do Today:

 1: Download my freebie

I designed a freebie which is a website AI Agent that answers questions. If you upload it to your own Voiceflow account and train it on your company data you can install it on the website and have your personal AI customer service Agent. Click here to access.

2: Start letting ChatGPT help you in managing your tasks. Whatever you need to get done – let it help you outline the task. 

Ask it questions like “What do you need to know from me in order to give me accurate answers” or reverse engineer. It asks really interesting questions and will make you have to contemplate and gain clarity on your business. Access ChatGPT here.

3: Take away this: AI is a positive thing.

It is here to enable us to work more, in less time. It’s not about replacing us, it’s about accelerating together for the best of humanity. Be curious. Be open. Be positive 🙂 

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