In Conversation with Jannice Jones: Empowering Neurodivergent Founders

Jannice Jones is a neurodivergent female entrepreneur with both ADD and ASD, her journey is deeply intertwined with passion, empathy, and an unwavering motivation to empower other neurodiverse female founders.

Hello Janice, so tell me about yourself and your work?

As a neurodivergent female entrepreneur with both ADD and ASD, my journey is deeply intertwined with passion, empathy, and an unwavering motivation to empower other neurodivergent female founders. I am a neurodiversity Consultant, Trainer and Coach and specialise in helping workplaces to become neuro-inclusive.

Tell me about the landscape of neurodiversity in women, why are there suddenly more women being diagnosed with ADHD later in life?

For female founders embarking on or leading women’s health businesses, understanding the nuanced landscape of neurodiversity is pivotal. Recent trends show a growing awareness and diagnosis of neurodivergence in women, particularly ADHD and ASD (Autism Spectrum) later in life. This shift signifies a crucial moment for women entrepreneurs, as recognising and embracing neurodiversity brings forth a wealth of untapped potential.

Tell me what super powers / strengths neurodivergent female founders have?

Neurodivergent women in the health sector may possess unique strengths that can drive their businesses to new heights. Strengths such as enhanced creativity, hyper focus, and a profound capacity for empathy can contribute to innovative solutions in women’s health. These innate
superpowers empower neurodivergent female founders to create businesses that are not only successful but also deeply impactful.

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What financial support is there for neurodiverse female founders?

As a solo entrepreneur or part of a small founding team in the UK, accessing financial support is crucial for the growth of your health business. Fortunately, there are specific initiatives within the UK that focus on empowering neurodivergent entrepreneurs.

Access to Work Scheme: A Crucial Resource for Neurodivergent Female Founders in the UK For neurodivergent women founders in the UK, the Access to Work Scheme is a vital resource offered by the government. This scheme is designed to provide financial support to individuals with disabilities or health conditions, including neurodivergent conditions, to ensure that they have equal opportunities in the workplace.

Here’s how the Access to Work Scheme can benefit neurodivergent female founders:

Financial Assistance: The scheme provides financial support to cover the extra costs associated with
accommodating a disability or neurodivergence. This can include funding for specialised equipment, adaptations to the workplace, and even coaches or support workers.

Tailored Support: Access to Work is not a one-size-fits-all program. The support provided is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. This means neurodivergent female founders can access resources and accommodations that directly address their unique challenges and enhance their productivity. This could be a specialised desk, assistive software, specialised printers, or equipment such as a Remarkable to write notes on or recording equipment for meetings.

Travel Support: For those who require assistance with transportation due to their neurodivergent condition, the scheme can contribute to the costs of travel to and from work. This ensures that challenges such as sensory overload do not hinder professional growth.

Workplace Assessments: The scheme offers workplace assessments to identify the specific needs of the individual. This can lead to tailored recommendations and solutions to create a neurodiverse-friendly work environment.

Applying for the Access to Work Scheme is a simple process. Individuals can contact the Access to Work helpline to initiate the application on 0800 121 7479. The support provided can significantly enhance the working experience for neurodivergent female founders, enabling them to focus on building and growing their women’s health businesses. Incorporating the Access to Work Scheme into your financial support strategy can make a substantial difference in creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for neurodivergent entrepreneurs in the UK.

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What if our female health founders are not ‘diagnosed’ with having a neurodiversity, but they suspect it, is there still support they can access?

Importantly, a formal diagnosis is not necessary to access the AWS scheme. What is required is that the individual must have been suffering from the consequences of that neurodiverse condition for 12+ months. This can be ascertained during the assessment process. There is also The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme If you are aged 18 to 30 and starting a business, The Prince’s Trust offers support, mentorship, and financial assistance. Their Enterprise Programme includes funding options tailored to young entrepreneurs, providing a boost to your women’s health startup.

In addition there is The UK Government Women in Innovation Awards. Although not specific to neurodiversity, the Women in Innovation Awards recognise and fund women-led businesses across various sectors, including healthcare. Applying for this award could provide both financial support
and valuable recognition for your innovative women’s health startup.

These UK-centric resources can be instrumental in securing the financial support needed to propel your neurodivergent- led women’s health business toward success.

-Jannice Jones

For those non neurodiverse founders, what are some of the key benefits of building a neurodiverse startup team?

Even if you, as a founder, do not identify as neurodivergent, building a neurodiverse team is a strategic advantage. Diverse teams bring a range of perspectives crucial in addressing complex challenges in the health industry. From improving patient experiences to developing innovative solutions, neurodiverse teams offer a competitive edge that can set your startup apart.

The Access to Work Scheme, a UK government initiative also provides financial support to cover the extra costs of employing someone with a neurodivergent condition.

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What is the number one piece of neurodiversity recruitment advise you would give to a founder building their team and looking for new talent?

In the early stages of building your health startup team, prioritise neurodiversity consciously. Partner with organisations like Jannice Jones Coaching to ensure that your recruitment process is inclusive, valuing the unique strengths neurodivergent individuals can bring to your small but dynamic team. Access neurodiversity training to support your neurodivergent team members to thrive, thus helping your business to succeed.

What is the number one piece of advise you would give to a neurodiverse founder to help them in the startup phase of their business to beat the overwhelm?

To neurodivergent founders in the startup phase, my number one piece of advice is to embrace self-awareness. Recognise your strengths, delegate tasks that complement your skills, and foster an environment that supports your unique abilities.

Seek mentorship, build a diverse team, and remember that asking for help is not a weakness but a strategic move toward success.

-Jannice Jones

Remember your self-care is the foundation upon which everything else is built. Take regular breaks, ask for help, get out into nature, book that spa day, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, practice breath work, mindfulness, meditation or yoga regularly. If you need help actioning these and need accountability then reach out to me personally at for an informal chat.

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2 actions you can take:

  1. Commit to diversifying your next team hire with a focus on unique perspectives.
    Empowering neurodivergent women founders in the health industry is not just a business strategy; it’s a transformative approach that fosters innovation, inclusivity, and unparalleled success.
  2. Join me on this transformative journey, and let’s navigate the entrepreneurial landscape together, leveraging neurodiversity not as a limitation but as a powerful force that propels us toward unparalleled success. I’m not just a coach; I’m an advocate, an ally, and a fellow neurodivergent entrepreneur passionate about seeing you thrive.

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