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For this week’s FHF Power Hour I was lucky to interview Female Health Founders Expert Network member Jen Corcoran, who is a LinkedIn super trainer for sensitive, introverted and empathic female coaches, consultants and creatives. Get ready to learn and level up your LinkedIn!

Jen’s bio

Hi, I’m Jen Corcoran and I’m on a mission to help sensitive, introverted and empathic female coaches, consultants and creatives to toot their horns on LinkedIn in an aligned way to drive positive change in their lives and others’. With my authority marketing, I help them super boost their LinkedIn profiles, make genuine connections and attract consistent ideal clients using my 4-stage PACT™ framework (Presence – Action – Connect – Track). They’re left feeling reinvigorated, confident & raring to go, excited to tap into all the prosperity and endless opportunities that LinkedIn offers them.

The Interview: LinkedIn For Female Health Founders’ with Bridie Houlihan & Jen Corcoran

Hello Jen, so tell me about you and your work as a LinkedIn consultant?

Hi Bridie, I’m a Dubliner based in Devon by the sea and I’m on a mission to help sensitive, introverted and empathic female coaches, consultants and creatives to toot their horns on LinkedIn in an aligned way to drive positive change in their lives and others’.  I work virtually 1:1 with wonderful ladies around the globe.  With my authority marketing, I help them super boost their LinkedIn profiles, make genuine connections and attract consistent ideal clients using my 4-stage PACT™ framework which stands for Presence – Action – Connect – Track. 

Tell me why we should stop neglecting LinkedIn as a valuable tool as female founders?

LinkedIn offers so many benefits for female founders such as:

  • Increased income by connecting with clients
  • Client referrals and partnerships
  • Global speaking opportunities
  • A place to build & develop your voice, authority & brand
  • A great research tool to gather market intelligence
  • Key connections from all over the world, true networking on daily discussions that matter to you
  • Best platform for industry led content with the ability to position yourself as an expert / thought leader by answering questions & posting on your preferred subject

Why is LinkedIn a useful/leading tool for female health founders?

With a billion members, LinkedIn is an untapped platform for female health founders.  It’s the number 1 channel to distribute content and is the most effective social media platform for B2B lead generation.  Yet only about 10% of all members actively share content or comment.  If you’re brave enough to show up on LinkedIn you can have amazing organic reach.

Why is it important to have a business page on LinkedIn?

For me there are 2 main reasons to have a LinkedIn Company Page:

1.   Firstly, it’s a brand positioning tool.  You can link to the company page in your experience section and the logo appears in this section and also at the top of your profile.  It’s so much better than a greyed-out logo section which says to me that you haven’t really invested in your brand and makes me wonder are you credible? All employees at your company can also link to the page.

2.   Secondly, you need a LinkedIn Page in order to carry out paid LinkedIn advertising.   I’m focused on organic reach currently but in the future LinkedIn will be pretty much ‘pay to play’ – you can only boost posts or ads from a company page versus profile.

Your LinkedIn page is a fantastic opportunity to deliver valuable content that helps foster engagement, nurture relationships and helps your message spread faster. 

Benefits of a LinkedIn Page:

1.   Your LinkedIn company page is a free information hub for potential prospects. It’s also a chance for you to showcase the behind the scenes of your organisation and give prospects a taster of what it could be like to work with you.

2.   Your content is easier to access – when you share content on a personal profile it’s usually available for 24-72 hours (unless it goes viral).  With your company page all of your content is easily accessible in one spot.

If you rely on personal profiles only within your company:

·     Your entire brand is at the mercy of an individual – what if they leave in the future and take all of their connections with them?  

·     Not everybody that you’re connected with wants to buy from you. You can have a more sales focused approach on your company page versus your personal profile.

How can female health founders use LinkedIn to find funding and investment opportunities?

I recently did this great live with Julia Elliott Brown from Enter The Arena on fundraising for female founders.  You can check it out here:

How can a female health founder use LinkedIn to showcase their innovation?

So many ways. They can position themselves as a thought leader in their personal profile, company page, content, comments and DMs.

Your profile is a great place to start as it’s the hub of everything on LinkedIn. Any time you post, comment or send a message people will come back there to check you out.  You want to create an amazing first impression so that they read on and then reach out to connect.

Check out my freebie folks which is a profile checklist!

How to use LinkedIn to position your female health brand?

Sharing content keeps you top of mind with the ‘mere exposure effect’.  It increases brand awareness, builds credibility, builds your network and generates opportunities and allows you to control the conversation.

If stuck on what to write check out my bonus freebie on content suggestions and this newsletter on content that converts.

What one peace of advice would you give to a new women in business, about to launch her women’s health brand on LinkedIn?

Ooooh so hard to narrow it to one thing. I would probably say invest in a good coach or mentor who is going to fast track you.  I only started getting coaching in my 2nd year in business and wish I had done it sooner versus pulling my hair out trying to figure everything out myself.  You need to get comfortable with sales and marketing. If you can’t sell yourself and your products / services you won’t have a sustainable business. A good coach / consultant / mentor will help you connect the dots and create a business model that works for you.

3 actions for Female Health Founders to take today:

  1.  Link to your freebie (see below email)
  2. Look at your profile and ask yourself does it pass the AIDA test
  • A – Attract (how is your branding? Headshot / Cover banner?)
  • I – Generate Interest (Do people want to read on when they land on your profile?)
  • D – Create a Desire (is your profile written about you or your ideal client?
  • A – Result in Action (so many profiles have no call to action or contact info)
  1.  When you go on LinkedIn set a timer and ask yourself do you have a clear strategy or are you ‘spray and pray’ when on there? Are you doing things that move the needle or simply passing time? Only go on LinkedIn when you’re in a good energy / frame of mind. Don’t go on LinkedIn when you think you should… people can feel your online energy.

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