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I asked my client, “Is your brand human?” and with the way she raised a questioning eyebrow,
gosh, she must have thought I had too many blows to the head to make sense.

But as absurd as that sounds, how human a brand is determines how likely people will interact with and possibly buy from it. To put it simply, people are naturally drawn to brands that they can emotionally relate to, and for a brand to make an emotional connection, it needs to adapt to the audience’s aspirations, values, and desires. And the best way to achieve that is through marketing psychology, aka neuromarketing.

Hi, I’m Nilly; an ex-farmer turned neuromarketing Strategist and Consultant working with
femtech and women’s health brands. From running my farming business I quickly learned how hard it is to build a profitable brand as a woman and to succeed you need to think outside the box. Apart from being busy founders trying to balance work and personal life, we suffer at the hands of discrimination and venture capital inequality. Ultimately, we have to rely on bootstrapping our startups, and that’s never easy because when you have limited resources, it’s hard to build an online presence. It’s even more overwhelming without a proper marketing and branding strategy to guide your path.

When I switched from farming to marketing, I aimed to help wellness founders implement
psychology-based neuromarketing marketing techniques. The idea is to promote brand growth whilst saving time and money without compromising well-being and mental health. When it comes to smart marketing it’s about relying on your audience’s emotional needs. 70 – 90% of your audience’s buying decisions are emotionally driven. Identifying, understanding, and appealing to their psychology impacts how you can effectively influence their buying decisions in the present and future.

With my clients, we work on understanding their audience’s triggers. By getting to know their
preferences and motivations, we can predict how they’ll engage and purchase in the future. With the use of neuromarketing techniques such as:

  • Consumer behaviour analysis,
  • Emotional marketing,
  • Authority building,
  • Cognitive biases,
  • Personalization,
  • Storytelling techniques,
  • Psychological pricing,
  • and social proofing.

I help customise marketing content that resonates with every aspect of the audience to make them valued and seen. Not only will this increase the likelihood of making exceptional sales, but it will also uncover any mental roadblocks that might be stopping potential customers from buying. In return, we get the most out of our marketing without wasting money on unnecessary experimenting. We know exactly what our audience needs, and we focus our marketing efforts on driving engagement and conversions.

Additionally, we save time. Since most of my clients are too busy to be on social media, by using
emotionally infused content they maximise the impact of fewer yet high-quality posts — while
still achieving meaningful results.

So how could this be of benefit to you?

All the techniques mentioned above, give your brand a human-like perspective which helps it
show empathy towards your clients. This is an excellent way to show them that your relationship is more than transactional; encouraging a positive attitude and repeat purchases towards your brand. Furthermore, humanising your brand will help you lessen competition in a crowded marketplace, as it adds a personal and unique touch.

If you want to learn more about my work, you can check out some of my case studies in my
portfolio. And if you’re curious about my writing tone and style, feel free to swing by my LinkedIn

I look forward to getting acquainted with you.
— Nilly

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