Women's Health Hormone Coach, Charmaine Teversham,

From Hormone Hell To Business Founder: Story of Hormone Health Coach, Charmaine Teversham

Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO of Female Health Founders

In this exclusive interview with celebrated women’s hormone health coach, Charmaine Teversham, we delve into Charmaine’s entrepreneurial journey, and into the motivations and pivotal moments that have shaped Charmaine’s impact on women’s well-being. Read and explore Charmaine Teversham’s founder story, gain insights into the unique blend of expertise and dedication that fuels her mission. From hormonal health nuances to menopause insights, the interview offers a glimpse into the authentic experiences and wisdom of a true purpose led founder in the field of women’s health.

Founding Story of Women’s Hormone Health Coach, Charmaine Teversham

Can you share the inspiration behind starting your women’s health-focused business? What motivated you to enter this space?  

I began my business after spending a few years battling with my own body. Rapid weight gain, that dieting did nothing to help. Migraines, water retention, periods every 3 weeks and anxiety. The feeling of having no control or understanding of what was going on with me was awful. As a personal trainer and nutritional therapist, I help people day in and day out, but couldn’t help myself. The weight gain meant I lost my confidence and didn’t want to meet new clients, as in the industry, you are meant to “look a certain way”.

The health and fitness industry is more often about looks than health, which was a massive pet hate of mine. 

-Charmaine Teversham

After multiple trips to my GP I was finally diagnosed with PCOS.  Even with my diagnosis, my G.P told me there was nothing he could do for me until I wanted to have a baby.  That way I describe it is you’re falling and can’t stop. I would cling to anything that I thought would help. It could slow down my fall, but not stop me.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m like a dog with a bone. I would not just accept that this was my lot. I don’t want to feel like this forever. I had lost my sparkle. I did a few courses on PCOS, which were ok. But they never made an impact on me personally. I followed a few PCOS diet plans… which were ok. But quite restrictive. Then as soon as I was “off plan” I’d be back to square one. 

I never stopped researching. Then covid hit and I was forced to stop work. This changed my life. I found a doctor in America who seemed to get it. After following him for a while (Online, not stalking ;)!) When he offered an online course for professionals to study women’s health including PCOS and menopause. I jumped at the chance. I studied during lockdown and implemented everything I learned on the course for my PCOS. It changed my life. It felt like a light in me had turned back on.  I remember the exact moment I thought to myself “I am happy again”.

Knowing that I now had the knowledge to dig myself out of hormone hell. I wanted to help other women I literally wanted to shout it from the rooftops! 

-Charmaine Teversham

But… I had built a successful fitness business…. which meant starting from scratch. I was always used to my social media being chatty and full of people who know me, chatting in response to posts. Programs I’d launch would be busy and I have waiting lists for training. But now my hormone business had no one!  

Women's Health Hormone Coach, Charmaine Teversham,

Could you walk us through the early days of founding your women’s hormone health coach business? What challenges did you face, and how did your personal experiences shape the direction of your women’s health business?

When you start from scratch, apart from your friends who join to support you. It took a long time to build an audience. But even with an audience, they don’t know me. So why should they trust me? 
With no one who had followed my 12-week Hormone Empowerment program, why would someone trust me to buy it? 

So I spent a lot of time building relationships on my social media “Charmaine Healthy Hormones“. Sharing my knowledge to give women tips on what can help them, until people slowly started to trust me. It started off with a few local women who knew me doing my plan. Watching them thrive was the most amazing feeling in the world. I was helping women find themselves again. I am making a difference in their physical and mental health. I am protecting them from complications down the line. I am making a difference that women’s health care isn’t. There is such a whole in womens healthcare. It makes me so angry that so many people are left to suffer when all we need is better education for some healthcare providers.

It is still early days for me. I would love to get word out to more women and work with them. I truly believe this is what I am meant to be doing in life. When I was promoting my hormone work, I was inundated with women who wanted help with the menopause. (Perfect timing for me as I hit perimenopause myself). So I created a 12 week Menopause Empowerment program for women who need help navigating menopause and helping reduce some of the nasty symptoms like brain fog, weight gain, low mood etc. Changes in hormones can play havoc with women physically and mentally. 

What unique aspects or innovations does your business bring to the women’s hormone health sector? How do you differentiate yourself from existing solutions in your area?

I personally had tried various PCOS programs when I was diagnosed. Which were ok, but didn’t help me long term. Just following a diet plan won’t give you knowledge of your body or its personal needs. I believe what I offer is a lifetime solution. During my 12 week programs, my clients address and work through multiple factors that can tip the balance on their hormones. This step by step process allows them to see how their body responds to each aspect. They learn how to eat for a healthy gut and see if hormone balance improves with improved gut health. They learn if they have food intolerances that cause inflammation, (this increases cortisol, impacts your insulin response, and can impact the thyroid). They learn how to eat for their body alone. Piecing together their macros until they work out how to keep hunger and cravings at bay.

This then gives them the tools for life to be able to build meals to keep hormone harmony. aid fat loss and build lean muscle. Without counting a single calorie.

-Charmaine Teversham

They learn exactly how much and what type of exercise is right for their body. (Too much or too little can tip the balance on hormones). They learn about internal and external stress. How it impacts the body and hormones and how to reduce it. They learn new ways of living their best life, prioritising sleep, movement, good nutrition, and exercise. Nothing is off-limits. They just learn balance. My program is a once-in-a-lifetime program. When you know your body. You know how to help yourself. So no matter what life throws at you. You have the tools to be in control again.

Entrepreneurship often comes with obstacles. Can you share a significant challenge you encountered while building your business and how you overcame it?

My obstacles for my business personally were that people didn’t know me. Why would you trust someone you don’t know? I have never had to rely on social media to build my business. Locally it has always been word of mouth. But reaching a worldwide market feels like being a small fish in the ocean! Working with Bridie has helped me look at my business differently. See it from an outsider’s point of view. I am learning how to rebrand myself as a hormone coach. Not just Charmaine the personal trainer and nutritional therapist. I put my own barrier my way as I felt bad that many women I spoke to could not afford my one to one online program. 

I didn’t want to feel like I was earning money from women who were struggling. I almost self sabotaged myself as I didn’t feel I should charge as much as I did. I stopped promoting my one to one services. Then my work dried up. 

-Charmaine Teversham

Bridie made me see the value was giving my clients and the physical hours I put into my work every week recording workouts, creating recipes, online daily support and so much more. This made me confident about my value. Bridie also encouraged me to create a 12 week E-book for clients to have the tools to do it alone at an affordable price. This then made me more confident in what I do and happy I was able to help more women.

What successes or positive impacts have you witnessed from your women’s health initiatives? Do you have any stories of individuals or communities positively affected by your products or services?

I have helped so many women get back their confidence. When I first speak to women who start my program, I can hear in their voices the struggle and the low they are at.

What fills me with “Genuine joy” is when I see a woman come alive again and find their sparkle. I am not in business to be a millionaire. I have a genuine purpose of educating and empowering women.

-Charmaine Teversham

I have helped so many women get back their confidence. When I first speak to women who start my program, I can hear in their voices the struggle and the low they are at. What fills me with “Genuine joy” is when I see a woman come alive again and find their sparkle. I am not in business to be a millionaire. I have a genuine purpose of educating and empowering women.

I have seen women who were unable to lose weight, absolutely transform themselves. I’ve seen women who were missing ovulation, ovulate again. I’ve seen women with adult acne glow again. I’ve seen women who were exhausted find their energy. I’ve seen women who were able to string a sentence together due to brain fog, learn what causes theirs and no longer suffer.  The list goes on. 

Given the rapidly evolving technological landscape, how has technology played a role in shaping your women’s health business? Are there specific systems or tools that have been instrumental in your business journey?

Bridie introduced me to teachable, which now makes my online course look more professional. I also couldn’t cope without Canva and Buffer. 😀

Building a community is crucial, especially in the female health sector. How have you engaged with your target audience or community to better understand their needs and tailor your offerings accordingly?

Bridie encouraged me to to surveys with women asking what they want to know, what their struggles are and how they can help themselves. I ask open questions on social media for women to be able to talk, learn, and share information with other women to raise awareness of issues from PCOS to menopause. 

Looking ahead, what is your vision for the future of your women’s health business? Are there specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve in the coming years?

I would love for people to know who I am. I would love women to know if they have a problem or a question, they can ask me. I’d love to build a big following to be able to help women across the globe. Women’s health should be better and I want to be part of that self education for women. 

Advice for Aspiring Female Health Entrepreneurs:  

  1. Build trust, be genuine and be patient.
  2. The key lesson I have now learnt is to know my own worth. 

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A profound expression of gratitude extends to Charmaine Teversham for sharing insights into the initiation of a business from its nascent stages and underscoring the significance of recognising one’s own value as a female founder.