LinkedIn Consultant, Jen Corcoran,

Jen Corcoran

LinkedIn Consultant, Jen Corcoran,

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I grew up with a BIG fear of visibility and being judged.  When I was 3, my mother was diagnosed with mental health issues and I was constantly afraid my friends would mock her and me for being different. My first job after university was an Editors Assistant in a tiny cubicle looking out to sea with no people around me and this suited me perfectly as an introvert.  In short, I hid!

I moved to London from Dublin and found my stride in the financial sector but at an annual review with a new boss, he scored me as a 3/5 for networking which really pissed me off. You see despite being a shy introvert, I had been networking for YEARS. I decided there and then that I would ‘show him’ and I found a way to use my LinkedIn network to add value to my team and the company in general.  I nurtured existing relationships with suppliers and managed to negotiate company-wide discounts. 

I leaned into my peers and could get a table in a booked out top restaurant at the drop of the hat and I could get my boss and team into any hotel in the world because of my connections.  This resulted in a promotion and increased bonus.  I entered my first award at the age of 40 which was the most networked PA in London.  And I won! I realised I couldn’t hide anymore.  I found my safe and happy place on LinkedIn.

Fast forward to today and I help ambitious introverted and empathic female entrepreneurs around the globe to toot their horn and to generate opportunities and clients on LinkedIn through their personal brand and network. I’m living in lovely Devon by the sea with my husband Mike.  I’ve helped over 650 amazing individuals to showcase how amazing they are so that they can reach their ideal clients and achieve their dreams. No more hiding and playing it small.

Why LinkedIn?  LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 1 billion users. It’s also the #1 personal branding platform. With my authority marketing approach I help clients super boost their LinkedIn profiles, make genuine connections and attract clients using my 4-stage PACT™ framework (Presence – Action – Connect – Track).

Jen Corcoran Services

  • 1:1 LinkedIn Profile Makeover Service
  • 1:1 LinkedIn VIP Strategy Day
  • 1:1 LinkedIn Thrive Academy Program (90 days)
  • Online training – perfect for DIYers or those on a budget

My mission is to help sensitive, empathic and introverted female coaches, consultants and creatives to toot their horns on LinkedIn in an aligned, easy and fun way to drive positive changes in their lives and others’ and to create prosperity and endless opportunities.

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