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Sinead Rafferty

Sinead Rafferty

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Business Alignment Coach

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What is a highly sensitive person (HSP)? A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who feels and experiences the world more deeply than most – it is estimated that approximately 20% of us are Highly Sensitive. That’s 1 in 5. It is a natural biological trait which means you have an increased awareness and responsiveness to environmental and social cues. It simply means that you and your brain function differently to most people. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not flawed or ‘too sensitive’ or ‘overly-emotional’ as you might have been told all your life – it is a trait like any other, as real as the colour of your eyes!

I have the honour of working with incredible HSPs and Empaths who are purpose-driven and have a deep desire to make an impact on the world around them – I call them Trailblazers. They are those who support, soothe and inspire humanity through their capacity for empathy, connection, creativity, thought leadership, innovation and emotional intelligence.  Purpose-driven HSPs are the change-makers and trailblazers that the world needs. They bring so much vision and light; forward-thinking, creativity, detail and depth to any conversation – they don’t just think outside the box, they remove the box or create something entirely new! They are making waves and bringing change to their industry / corner of the world – sound familiar?!

I am on a mission to support and empower these trailblazers. I am a HSP, empath, entrepreneur & business owner, mother of 2, dreamer and highly experienced coach with a background in psychology, career & business strategy and personal development.  I have been empowering the potential and dreams of others for over 15 years as a certified career, personal and executive coach. I bring together energy management and identity alignment with knowledgeable insight and strategy. 

I am hugely passionate about the authentic expression and impactful contribution of purpose-driven HSPs. My calling is to help others like me, manage their energy and align with their purpose – and learn how to empower their natural flow to turn their dreams into a reality. My work is focused around applying the trait of high sensitivity to achieve truly original, creative, and evolutionary contributions in the world! Sensitivity is a powerful force and is meant to serve a purpose in society.

HSPs are naturally drawn to heartfelt work, work that impacts the world around them. I believe we can make a massive impact – in every industry.

From Overwhelm to Alignment

I understand your drive and passion. I see you. I spent years in a place of ‘resistance’ – energetically and emotionally in my professional life.

I was always determined and ambitious and tenacious so I threw myself into work, always chasing my top values of freedom, innovation, autonomy, variety & achievement.

Sinead Rafferty

But I hit burnout several times because I did not allow space for my true nature – for my sensitivities and deep emotional and empathic abilities. It wasn’t until I learned about energy management and embraced my experience as an empath and HSP that I began to feel the joy of alignment

Alignment is what feels right, what fits YOU as an individual and when I allowed my true nature to take the lead around my life decisions, my wellbeing returned to the heart of the picture, it was no longer an afterthought. I found a way to live life authentically and in alignment with my needs as a HSP. I learned to prioritise my own happiness and wellbeing and now help others to do the same. 

I have always loved entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking and I greatly admire those who lean into their vision and ideas for the future by seeking to make change. In fact, I am also involved in an educational technology company so I know the world of startups first-hand. As a woman and mother, I have experienced the lack, the gaps, the disappointments and the inequalities when it comes to female health. So to champion and support you, the Trailblazers in this area is an honour.

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  • Take the Quiz – As a HSP, what is the #1 block holding you back.
  • Join your fellow HSPs & Empaths at one of my complimentary Coaching Over Coffee sessions – I host these monthly and focus on a different topic each month.
  • Explore my Services (group programme, 1-1 coaching & micro courses) on my website.

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