Kitti Majoran. social media for customer acquisition

Social Media for Customer Acquisition

In the ever-changing landscape of social media, acquiring customers through your businesses vary channels is often one of the largest pain points. In this article, Bridie interviewed Female Health Founders Expert Network member Kitti Majoran, MSc, who is an award-winning brand strategist. They talk through how to use social media for customer acquisition, how to get in front of your ideal audience, build relationships and make sales.

Hello Kitti, Social media is a game-changer for customer acquisition. In a power hour, what’s the first actionable step female health founders should take to optimise their brand presence on social media for customer acquisition?

Probably the most important thing is to figure out where your target audience spends most of their time. There’s no point spending your valuable time trying to be present on all platforms, it’s much better to find the one you think most of your audience is present on and go all in. 

Then you want to make sure you create a profile that’s appealing to your target audience. Too many people talk about themselves or their service/product, rather than focusing on what the product/service can do for the target audience. 

You can truly stand out if you focus on the customer rather than yourself on your profiles. Illustrate the problems they face and then position your service/product as the perfect solution, that way, you’ll make it a no-brainer for people to reach out to you. Lastly,

for your social media presence to start working for you, you must make sure that you curate your audience. What I mean by this is that you get strategic about who is in your audience and go for quality over quantity. 

-Kitti Majoran

The first step to this is disconnecting from people who don’t match the profile of your ideal client. And then beginning to connect with people who do. This way, you’ll ensure that you always have the right eyes on you and every effort you invest into your social media presence will bring some kind of return. 

How can female health founders quickly identify and target their ideal audience on social media platforms to ensure that their branding efforts resonate with potential customers?

First, it’s important to get crystal clear on who your ideal client is. For this, I’d suggest building a customer avatar, which is a fictive character who embodies your ideal client. You build this character based on the research you conduct and personal experience you might have about the habits, frustrations, and desires of your ideal client. I have created a template and a video series to guide you through this process if you’re new to it. 

Through this research, you’ll learn where your ideal client spends time and what type of messaging they resonate with the most. Once you have this information, all you have to do is show up where they are, address their problems, and offer a solution.

LinkedIn is great for this because you can use filters. Filters allow you to find and connect with the right people very easily, but you shouldn’t stop there. You can also find relevant groups and connect with their members. And on all platforms, you can connect with the followers of relevant influencers. 

Have a look for people who serve the same audience as you and, if you can, collaborate with them or simply connect with people who engage with their posts. 

It’s not about “stealing” followers but rather showing people alternatives and solutions to other problems they might have. 

-Kitti Majoran

Let’s say you coach women through pregnancy and you notice an influencer with 2M followers doing the same. 

You can be sure that this person doesn’t have time to work one-to-one with people but some people may need this type of support to achieve what they want, so wouldn’t it be nice to make them aware of your service if you do offer one-to-one? Or wouldn’t it make sense to connect with the followers of a pregnancy clothing brand, knowing that the majority of people who are in that audience would probably need your help too?

Visuals matter. What key visual elements or content strategies should female health founders focus on to make their social media profiles visually appealing and compelling for their target audience?

Get strategic about your colour scheme. Don’t just choose colours that you like, but use colour psychology instead to evoke the right feelings in people with your visuals. 

I’d recommend coming up with 3 key adjectives you want people to describe you as and then asking Google which colours represent these adjectives in colour psychology. 

-Kitti Majoran

By going for 3 colours, you stand out and become memorable because 3 form a pattern and the human brain is programmed to look for and remember patterns. And by choosing your colours in line with colour psychology you begin building trust in your audience. 

You can use Canva for any graphic design needs. There are endless templates available that help you create anything from logos to social media content and brochures. 

Once you’ve picked your colours and fonts and designed a logo, Canva can put together a brand kit that you can use to create anything needed in a matter of seconds. 

Be sure to use your branding consistently across all of your channels and communications to solidify your image in your target audience’s mind. 

-Kitti Majoran

A word of caution here: graphic design is meticulous with a capital M!

The tiniest mistakes can take away from the trustworthiness of your brand and people’s perceptions of the quality of your offerings. So, if you can’t hire a brand specialist to help you with the design, make sure you give yourself enough time to do a great job and be as close to perfect as you possibly can be. 

Let’s talk engagement. In a short span, what are the best practices for female health founders to boost engagement on their social media channels and turn followers into potential customers?

You receive what you give. If you want engagement, give it first, it’s that simple. 

Leave likes and comments regularly on your ideal clients’ posts, and the algorithms will push your content to reach more people. Do the opposite, and the algorithms will stop your content from being seen. 

-Kitti Majoran

If you post something and people comment on it, be sure to reply, and even better if you can close with a question to keep the conversation going. And then send them a message to say thank you for the engagement and start conversations that can lead to sales. It also helps to employ a conversational tone of voice in your content, letting people behind the scenes, and inviting them to co-create with you. 

Let’s say, you can’t decide on what slogan to have for your business; why not invite your followers to have a say by voting on the options? People love being part of your journey and seeing you grow, so let them in. This is probably to best way to build long-lasting relationships and make continuous sales. 

Consistency is key. How can female health founders maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging across various social media platforms to strengthen their brand identity and attract customers effectively?

I suggest creating a mission statement. A mission statement combines the purpose of your business (the why) with the simplified business model (the how). 

Your mission statement should be the anchoring point of all your communications. 

Once you have a mission statement – and by the way, you’re not ready with it until you feel your heart skip a beat when you say it out loud, so take your sweet time with this – you can start working on your content pillars. 

-Kitti Majoran

I’d recommend picking 4 to 5 key topics that you want to talk about, all stemming from your mission statement. These will be your content pillars. 

You can organise them in a spreadsheet to see them clearly, and then start listing sub-topics for each pillar. Each sub-topic can serve as a content idea or be further broken down into multiple content ideas. 

If you keep to these ideas that fall under your content pillars, you can be sure that you’re messaging will be in line with your brand and be consistent. 

Hashtags can be powerful. What’s your advice for female health founders on finding and using relevant hashtags that can expand their reach and connect with potential customers quickly on social media?

Hashtags are a very interesting topic because marketers always have conflicting opinions about them. Some say they matter and you should use the maximum amount of them at all times, while others encourage you to forget about them. 

From all my research and experience, this is my view. If your content isn’t great, hashtags are not going to save the day. And if your content is great, they will add a little boost. So, they may not be the dealbreaker on how far your content gets pushed when posted. However, hashtags connect all content to certain topics. So,

if someone is interested in learning about menopause, for example, and searches for the word on social media, all posts appear that have #menopause attached to them. 

-Kitti Majoran

My best advice is to use 5 hashtags on all of your posts, 3 generic and 2 specific. This way, you’ll appear in the generic term searches and also the specific ones, giving your content a higher chance to be visible. To build on my previous example, I’m sure #menopause will have a ton of content associated with it, which makes it harder to stand out, but not impossible. 

Meanwhile, specific hashtags, such as #naturalsupplimentsformenopause, will have far less content associated with them, which can make your content stand out easily. Simply put, balancing generic and specific hashtags increases your chances of being visible and viewed as an expert on a topic, attracting people who have a problem to your solutions.

Collaboration is a win-win. How can female health founders leverage collaborations with influencers or other businesses on social media to amplify their brand message and attract a wider customer base?

The key to successful collaboration is to find someone who serves the same audience as you but differently, and ideally, has a much larger following than you do. 

To make sure the collaboration will indeed be fruitful, be sure to spend time to get to know each, understand each other’s audiences, goals, and values. Once you’ve done that and you’re sure there is alignment, decide on the ways you wish to collaborate and fix the dates. If you leave it hanging, it might never happen. 

There are many different ways to collaborate, and I encourage you to explore as many of them as possible until you find what suits you best. 

-Kitti Majoran

You can do collaborative posts on Instagram; social media live swaps on most platforms; audio events on LinkedIn; joint workshops, retreats, summits, or programmes; co-authored blog posts or magazine articles; and of course, cross-promoting each others’ products/services on email lists and social media. 

It’s important to maintain great relationships with people you’ve successfully collaborated with in the past because the longer you know and the more you trust each other, the more you’ll do to help one another when needed.

Paid advertising is an option. What quick-win strategies can female health founders implement in a power hour to optimise their social media ads and ensure they are effectively reaching and converting potential customers?

I don’t advocate for paid ads, to be honest. They can be very wasteful if your brand is new or weak, especially if you’re not crystal clear on your ideal client. Putting your efforts into building your brand strategically is far more beneficial than throwing money at ads. 

What I mean by building a brand strategically can be broken down into four parts, and this is exactly what we do in our business for clients. 

You should aim to raise brand awareness, while simultaneously shaping the associations and perceived quality in the minds of your target audiences about your business, and equally facilitating brand loyalty. 

This can be achieved by implementing a mix of different strategies that include but are not limited to connecting with the right audiences, building a strong online presence, speaking on the right stages, collaborating with the right partners, getting into the right press, and of course, building communities. 

We believe in establishing and solidifying your presence in the market with brand strategies so that consumers can come to you, rather than you chasing after them with ads and other exhausting marketing tactics. 

-Kitti Majoran

Once you have a strong brand that people recognise and love, your ads will go way further too and bring great return on investment. But until then, it’s tricky getting them right and wasting no resources. 

I like to use the example of the beloved shapewear brand, SPANX. A company that started with $5K, decided to focus efforts on building the brand instead of investing in traditional advertising for the first 17 years of being in business. Today, they’re worth over $1Bn. 

The same is possible for every one of us. 

What’s one often overlooked but highly impactful social media branding tactic that can be implemented quickly to boost customer acquisition for female health founders?

Direct messaging. It’s by far the fastest way to make sales. 

People think social media ends on the main feed, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. The DMs are the real goldmine, especially, on LinkedIn. 

When I started my business, I didn’t have a single person in my network I could sell my services to, not one. I didn’t even know whether there would be a market for what I offered. So, I started connecting with strangers on LinkedIn and having conversations with them in the DMs. I tested out my business idea by talking about it to people whom I thought could fit my target audience, and within a month, I made my first 2 high-ticket sales. 

Even today, I spend a lot of my time talking to people. 

-Kitti Majoran

You can simply never know your customer well enough. And you should always aim to strengthen your relationships with them. A simple chat can go a very long way.  Respect people by getting to know what they need and then offering them a solution, and they’ll be ready to buy.

3 Takeaway Actions

  1. Become crystal clear on your ideal client by building a customer avatar.
  2. Create a social media presence that talks about the customer and not you, and then start connecting with your target audience.
  3. Start talking to people – whether you’re looking for customers or collaborators, you must take it to the DMs and begin conversations. 
  4. BONUS: Hire a brand strategist if you feel lost in the world of marketing and social media.  We specialise in helping you become visible and credible for your target audience so that they know, like, and trust you, and come straight to you for solutions. 

Your brand is the most powerful asset your business can have because it helps you make more sales at higher fees and protects you from economic downturns, creating consistency and longevity for your business. There are brand strategists who specialise in different fields, so I recommend spending some time on finding the perfect fit for you. 

I specialise in service branding, so if this is for you, please feel free to reach out