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Empowerment Through Connection: Lee Forrester’s Female Health Founder’s Story

Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO of Female Health Founders

Lee Forrester shares her female health founder’s story, covering her entrepreneurial journey and dedication to creating a space for women to feel seen and heard.

How did your journey as a female health founder begin?

It dawned on me that my calling lay in supporting and empowering women, particularly after recognizing a recurring theme among those I worked with. The realization that a significant number of women faced similar challenges sparked a deep-seated commitment to focusing on their health, self-care, and providing a platform where their voices could resonate. This revelation not only shaped the trajectory of my entrepreneurial venture but also fueled my dedication to creating a space where women feel seen, heard, and supported on their unique journeys to well-being. I am wholeheartedly open to forging connections and collaborations that further amplify the impact we can make in championing the health and happiness of women.

What inspired you to start your business?

In the rich tapestry of my professional journey, the decision to transition from bedside nursing to founding a coaching business for women’s well-being, health, and wealth was a pivotal chapter. After years on the precipice of burnout, I sensed a profound calling to channel my expertise in a new direction, one that held the promise of meaningful impact.

Leaving the familiar terrain of traditional nursing roles, I sought to create a space where women could redefine success on their terms.

-Lee Forrester

The desire to spend more quality time with family, coupled with a fervent belief that earning more shouldn’t equate to working longer hours, became the driving force behind my entrepreneurial venture. I recognized that the women I encountered in traditional roles carried untold stories of resilience, triumph, and personal growth. It became my mission to not only know these stories intimately but also to guide these remarkable women in articulating their experiences. Their narratives, I believed, held the power to inspire others, serving as a testament to the strength inherent in the female spirit. In my coaching practice, the emphasis goes beyond the conventional realms of health and wealth.

I am passionately committed to helping women discover and unleash their voices, encouraging them to share their stories with the world. This journey often culminates in the empowering act of publishing a best-selling book — a tangible testament to the extraordinary tales that have unfolded in the course of their lives. My transition from the bedside to the coaching space is a testament to the belief that our stories, no matter the twists and turns, have the potential to resonate deeply with others. It is my privilege to guide these incredible women in finding their authentic voices, knowing that in doing so, they become architects of inspiration, weaving narratives that transcend the boundaries of time and experience.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

In the dynamic landscape of women’s health, my endeavor, as the Nursepreneur, has emerged as a beacon of empowerment for women navigating the transformative years of their 40s and 50s. In an era where the reach of social media connects us in unprecedented ways, my focus transcends traditional norms, challenging the commonly held beliefs around decline, weight gain, and strength loss during this stage of life.

My women’s health business is dedicated to supporting women through this pivotal age, guiding them towards sustainable weight release, increased energy, renewed self-confidence, and the reversal of metabolic dis-ease.

-Lee Forrester

The emphasis lies not just in physical health but also in fostering mental well-being and resilience. In the realm of social media, where the virtual space becomes a powerful platform for connection, my approach is to leverage these channels to reach and empower women globally. Through strategic and authentic engagement, I’ve cultivated a community where women feel seen, heard, and inspired to embark on their unique health and wellness journeys.

This has been a sole venture, a passion project that I’ve personally invested significantly in. It is a testament to my unwavering belief in the transformative potential of women in their 40s and 50s. The journey involves not only addressing physical health challenges but also fostering a mindset shift, encouraging women to embrace this stage of life with vitality, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. While partnerships have been formed informally through collaborations and shared goals, the primary driver has been the direct connection with the incredible women who have entrusted me with their well-being. This venture is not just a business; it’s a movement, a commitment to rewriting the narrative around women’s health in midlife and beyond. It’s about instilling the belief that these years can be a flourishing chapter, marked by strength, vibrancy, and a celebration of every woman’s unique journey.

As a woman in business, what obstacles have you faced in establishing your company? And how have you overcome them?

Establishing my company as a woman in business has been a transformative journey, marked by both challenges and triumphs. One significant hurdle involved a profound internal shift—I had to confront and overcome limiting beliefs that had taken root, especially after transitioning from an environment where sales and marketing weren’t part of my purview. In healthcare, people naturally come to the hospital; there’s no need for active promotion. Embracing the entrepreneurial path meant immersing myself in the realms of sales and marketing, skills I hadn’t honed before.

The process demanded a recalibration of my mindset, a commitment to continuous learning, and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone.

-Lee Forrester

I sought out resources, enrolled in courses, and embraced the discomfort of mastering new skills. This period of self-growth became an essential cornerstone in establishing and promoting my business. Selecting the right team proved to be another pivotal challenge. Discernment became a guiding principle—I realized the importance of surrounding myself with individuals who shared the same values, vision, and dedication to the mission. This deliberate selection process extended not only to my professional team but also to my personal and business coaching support. It became evident that aligning with individuals who understood the journey and were committed to mutual growth was instrumental in overcoming obstacles. Moreover, the realization that starting a business is a long-term commitment marked by phases of becoming and evolving was crucial.

Recognizing that the journey from a dream to establishment requires patience and perseverance has been a guiding force. I’ve learned to relish the process—the highs, the lows, and the beautiful moments of growth and self-discovery. Amidst the challenges, the journey has been a source of immense joy and fulfillment. Each obstacle encountered became an opportunity for learning and refinement. The establishment of my company is not just about a destination; it’s about the ongoing exploration of my capabilities, the direction the business is evolving towards, and the impact it can make. This phase of building has become a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the beauty of embracing the long haul in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

The landscape of digital women’s health is undergoing a transformative evolution, presenting exciting opportunities to bridge the gender health gap. One of the remarkable shifts is the expanded access to healthcare beyond local boundaries.

In this digital era, women now have the option to seek medical assistance not only from their local practitioners but also from experts in other cities or even countries. This opens up a wealth of possibilities for accessing specialized care tailored to individual needs.

-Lee Forrester

The ability to connect with healthcare professionals globally empowers women to be proactive about their well-being. It fosters a sense of agency, encouraging them to explore options that align with their unique health requirements. This shift towards a more global approach is instrumental in addressing the gender health gap by ensuring that women have access to the best possible care irrespective of geographical constraints. Moreover, the digital landscape has become a powerful platform for women to advocate for themselves. The emphasis on guiding women to speak up and ask questions is pivotal in this evolution.

The digital space provides a supportive environment where women can find resources, share experiences, and engage in conversations that promote self-advocacy. As we navigate this evolving digital frontier, it is essential to foster a culture of openness and empowerment. Encouraging women to actively participate in their health journey, ask questions, and seek information contributes to the collective effort of filling the gender health gap. The intersection of technology and women’s health not only enhances accessibility but also amplifies the voices of women, creating a more inclusive and informed healthcare landscape.

Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your business? How did you develop it? What impact has it had?

Certainly, a pivotal strategy that has significantly contributed to the success of my business is centered around the power of storytelling and authentic self-expression.

The realization dawned on me that by speaking and publishing my story—particularly the journey of embracing authenticity and shying away from societal expectations—I could connect on a deeper level with my audience.

-Lee Forrester

This strategy was developed through a conscious effort to be transparent, vulnerable, and genuine in sharing both my successes and challenges. It involved weaving narratives that resonated with the struggles and triumphs of the women I aimed to support. By incorporating this storytelling approach into my messaging, I created an authentic and relatable brand identity. Consistency emerged as a key component of this strategy. From the messaging across various platforms to the connections forged with my audience, maintaining a uniform and authentic voice became paramount. This consistency not only reinforced the core values of my business but also established a recognizable and trustworthy presence in the minds of those I sought to serve. Furthermore, the understanding that I am not for everyone and everyone is not for me became a guiding principle. This realization allowed me to focus on cultivating meaningful connections with individuals who resonated with my message and mission.

By embracing this selective approach, I was able to build a community of like-minded individuals who genuinely connected with the ethos of my business. The impact of this strategy has been profound.

-Lee Forrester

It has fostered a sense of trust and authenticity in my brand, leading to deeper connections with my audience. The storytelling approach has not only allowed me to share valuable insights and experiences but also created a space for others to do the same. This sense of shared narrative has strengthened the community around my business, resulting in a more meaningful and impactful journey for both myself and those I have the privilege to guide.

Which key pieces of kit, technology or software could you not live without for your business?

My personal experience running a business, means crucial tools and technologies that business owners often consider indispensable.

  • A laptop is essential for general operations, document creation, and communication.
  • High-speed internet or Wi-Fi is crucial for seamless communication and online research.
  • A smartphone provides constant communication, access to business-related apps, and flexibility for managing tasks on the go. Implementing a phone stand and lighting enhances the quality of virtual meetings, video conferences, and content creation.
  • In the fitness industry, a dedicated app aids in tracking clients’ progress, managing schedules, and offering personalized training programs.
  • Social media apps play a vital role in marketing, client engagement, and content sharing.
  • Additionally, project management software streamlines task management, promotes project collaboration, and ensures team organization

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

The big vision for my women’s health business is to empower women to take charge of their well-being and financial independence. Our mission is to unleash the voice of every woman, advocating for her health and wealth. We aspire to guide women in designing a life on their terms, breaking free from defaults. Through master classes, digital products, and engaging speaking engagements, both domestically and internationally, we aim to create a supportive community where women can access valuable resources, knowledge, and tools to navigate their health journeys with confidence and achieve financial prosperity. Our vision is to foster a holistic approach to women’s empowerment, encouraging them to prioritize self-care, embrace financial literacy.

3 pieces of advice for fellow female health founders?

  1. Network Strategically: Connect with other female health founders, industry experts, and potential collaborators. Networking can provide valuable insights, opportunities, and a supportive community.
  2. Embrace Technology: Leverage technology to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and reach a broader audience. Incorporate digital platforms and tools that align with your business goals.
  3. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and the latest health research. Continuous learning keeps your business innovative and positions you as a thought leader in women’s health. Remember, building a successful women’s health business is a journey that requires resilience, self-care, strategic collaboration, and a commitment to ongoing growth.

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