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From Pain to Purpose: Vicki Hodges Inspiring Founders Journey

Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO of Female Health Founders

Welcome Vicki Hodges to Female Health Founders, how did your journey as a women’s health entrepreneur with Pausefully begin?

Pausefully was founded to give a space for women to know there was a safe space to be seen, heard and understood when it comes to their menstrual health and menopause. Years of my life have been spent being dismissed by professionals and feeling ignore when it came to my emotional wellbeing and hormonal health – whether it was my endometriosis, fertility and IVF journey or perimenopause.

It took me 22 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis and I was constantly told that I was too young to be menopausal.

-Vicki Hodges

This reaction made me feel disempowered, triggering something inside which left me struggling with anxiety, feeling lost and invisible. I never wanted anyone else to feel dismissed without knowing there was alternative help out there.

Vicki Hodges, pausefully,
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What inspired you to start your business?

Holistic therapies had always been my go to for self-healing. I was suddenly inspired to use all the knowledge and understanding I had gained over the last twenty years and become ‘officially’ qualified. This way I could use my pain and turn it into purpose by helping others. I’m a now a certified emotional wellbeing coach and holistic practitioner – I hold qualifications in NLP life coaching, reiki, mindfulness, journal therapy, menstrual health and menopause wellbeing, EFT and mental health first aid.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

Pausefully empowers women to build a strong mind-body connection for a healthier, happier menstrual and menopausal wellbeing. I work by using a combination of personalised 1:1 coaching, group support workshops, holistic therapies and self-help ebooks.

Everyday I feel honoured that women trust in me, allowing themselves to be vulnerable and rise up to reclaim their power.

-Vicki Hodges

I know for many of us it is so important to feel that we are not alone on our journey and I am so grateful I am able to give a safe, supportive space for others to feel part of a community, have a voice that gets validated and a soul that gets nurtured.

Connection is one of my core values and I do believe strongly in the idea that ‘it takes a village’ and collaboration is vital.

-Vicki Hodges

Even though I work as a sole founder of Pausefully, I have teams of like-minded practitioners, advocates and specialists that shape the support that I can offer to women should they need any further guidance.

Vicki Hodges, pausefully,
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As a woman in business, what obstacles have you faced in establishing your company? And how have you overcome them?

I have run a small business before so for me establishing a brand was the easy part. When it comes to breaking stigmas and discussing menstrual health and menopause openly, it becomes challenging to overcome taboos. To be honest, patriarchal attitudes towards women’s health contribute to this difficulty! What has kept me speaking out about the struggles and inequalities in women’s health is the understanding that you should never underestimate the power you possess to empower others and bring about positive change.

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

Women have got fed up of being dismissed and they are taking back control of their wellbeing. Digital platforms now provide a convenient and accessible way for women to access information about various aspects of their health. We can now learn more about and track our health. Personalised online healthcare has given the power back to us. Alongside this we also have the ability to share our experience with women all over the world, not just our close network. Women now play a crucial role in educating each other about health. When women empower women magic happens.

Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your business? How did you develop it? What impact has it had?

It’d be always reminding myself of the core values of my business and acting upon them for my own self-care and the impact I can have on women’s health. Pause: We live in such a fast paced world that often leaves us in burnout. Running a business can be tough so I make sure I practice what I preach and take time to rest and recharge. I am always sharing top tips on how women can do this too.

Connection: Networking, mentoring and coaching plus collaboration with other businesses have been pivotal for the success of pausefully and the women we support.

-Vicki Hodges

Connection to ourselves and connecting to others is so important. When women tune into their mind-body-soul connection they become aligned to their true needs and desires. Evolve:

There will always be new research findings and therapies available, so it is important for me to keep updated on these – I will always be learning and growing. I help clients to let go of old habits, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve them. Create new routines and set better boundaries for personal growth. Nuture: What women tell me they have missed the most is having the feeling like they are being supported. When we don’t get external support we can often feel we aren’t deserving of it from ourselves either. Pausefully is dedicated to showing women how to embrace self-love, practice self-care and feel healthier and happier.

Vicki Hodges, pausefully,
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Which key pieces of kit, technology or software could you not live without for your business?

  • Canva – All my designs are made through this fantastic app! It has been invaluable to running my business as I can easily make all the marketing materials and social media post through it.
  • Whatsapp – I use this for supporting and motivating my clients between sessions. I also have so many chat groups full of inspirational female entrepreneurs who get what it is like. We text daily and I couldn’t be without my ladies!

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

For me it is all about holding space for women to feel seen, heard and empowered when it comes to their menstrual health or menopausal journey. At the moment I am conducting some 1:1 and online research – the aim is to provide support that women want and need. We all have our unique experiences and it is essential that these are all recognised as equally important. I have so many amazing ideas bubbling to get out and I feel very excited about the possibilities. Watch this space!

Your pieces of advice for fellow female health founders?

  1. Connect and collaborate – we are always better and stronger together. Networking events have saved my sanity when working from home alone.
  2. Balance – rest and play as much as you work. Your body will tell you to stop if you don’t do it yourself.
  3. Celebrate your success – as a female health founder we often spend a lot of our time championing for others to succeed and thrive that we can forget to take the time to look at how far we have come too.
  4. Being proud of our successes helps us to stay motivated when times feel overwhelming.
  5. A positive mindset is so impactful on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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