How Schnel Hanson is Empowering Women in Leadership: With Health, Confidence, and Breathwork

Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO of Female Health Founders

How did your journey working as a professional women’s health and confidence coach begin?

Hi! I’m Schnel Hanson, a dedicated Health and Confidence Coach specialised in catalysing transformative shifts in both professional and personal spheres. My primary focus revolves around fostering resilience, adaptability, and empowerment, particularly for women in leadership roles.

My journey as a Women’s Health & Confidence Coach began from a deep passion for empowering women. Having witnessed the struggles faced by many in their health, confidence, and overall well-being, I felt compelled to make a difference. Drawing from my own experiences and training in coaching and wellness, I embarked on this path to provide holistic support and guidance to women in overcoming obstacles and unlocking their full potential.

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What inspired you to venture into this field?

As someone deeply passionate about empowering women, I’ve witnessed the struggles many face first-hand, such as divorce, redundancy, child loss, and weight issues. These challenges often lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and inadequacy. My role is akin to a steady shoulder for them to lean on and a helping hand that will lift them up as they rebuild their lives. I believe in offering holistic support that addresses both practical guidance as well as the emotional and mental well-being of individuals. By guiding these women through such hurdles, I aim to instil the hope and resilience required to not only cope with life’s adversities but also flourish in all areas.

Why is it important to have a guilt free approach to female leadership?

In modern society, fostering a guilt-free approach to female leadership is crucial. It dismantles barriers and biases that are hindering women’s progression while promoting inclusivity and diversity. By creating guilt-free environments, organizations unleash the full potential of women, leading to dynamic and innovative workplaces. This approach both benefits individual leaders as well as creates a culture of fairness, opportunity, and progress for all.

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Tell us more about breath work?

In today’s fast-paced world, breathwork works as a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety. Through intentional techniques, individuals are able to access the body’s relaxation response, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

Mindful breathing fosters present-moment awareness and provides grounding amidst chaos.

-Schnel Hanson

This practice promotes self-awareness and supports holistic well-being in all areas, from nutrition to exercise. Breathwork cultivates resilience, clarity, and inner peace, guiding individuals toward balance and harmony in life.

How can female founders develop a regular breath work practice for self resilience?

Female founders can enhance resilience by integrating breathwork into their routines. By dedicating time on a daily basis , utilizing techniques like deep belly breathing, and attending tailored online or in-person classes, they are able to manage stress, stay grounded, and bolster well-being. Thus, they are better equipped to navigate entrepreneurial challenges with focus and strength.

What are some of the signs a female founder could benefit from a breath work practice?

Signs that a female founder could benefit from breathwork include increased stress levels, difficulty focusing, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, experiencing frequent anxiety or tension, and struggling to maintain a work-life balance. Incorporating breathwork can offer a sense of calm, clarity, and resilience in navigating entrepreneurial challenges.

How do you see the landscape of online women’s health and wellbeing evolving to fill the gender health gap?

As a woman in business, I’ve faced obstacles such as gender bias, limited access to funding, and balancing family responsibilities. To overcome these issue, I’ve had to cultivate resilience, seek mentorship, and leverage networking opportunities.

In the landscape of online women’s health and wellbeing, I foresee greater emphasis being placed on tailored solutions, inclusive platforms, and accessible resources that address the gender health gap.

-Schnel Hanson

These practices will empower women to prioritise their holistic well-being.

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Can you pin point a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your business?

Certainly. One pivotal strategy for the success of my business has been fostering genuine connections with clients. By prioritising personalised support, empathy, and trust, I’ve successfully cultivated long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and shared goals.

Which key pieces of kit, technology and software could you not live without for running your business?

Essential tools for running my business include:

  • my laptop for flexibility
  • communication platforms like Slack for team collaboration
  • project management software such as Trello
  • and cloud storage solutions like Google Drive for seamless access to files

3 take-away actions for female health founders:

1: Start prioritising self-care and setting boundaries.
2: Stop doubting your worth and comparing yourself to others.
3: Use affirmations to boost confidence and resilience.

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