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In Conversation With Fiona Thwaites: CEO of Jennis

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Fiona Thwaites CEO of Jennis, thrives at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience. With a proven track record of launching and growing brands, products and experiences across multiple industries in the US and Europe. Fiona is currently running women’s hormonal health platform driving change in the women’s health category with personalised hormone intelligence technology to help support women to feel better in life, work and play. Former clients include BMW, OralB, Aetna, M.A.C, Novo Nordisk. Fiona works directly with brands, agencies and startups. 

Tell us about your background and your role at Jennis?

My background is a myriad of experiences! I started my career in customer data analysis and research which led me to roles in digital marketing strategy and experience from web1.0 onwards. I began working with Jennis in a marketing campaign strategy role which grew to include fundraising, content strategy and in January 2023 I was asked to take over from the co-founders in running the day to day business as their CEO/MD. 

Fiona Thwaites, Jennis, CEO,

How did you get into this industry?

I have been involved in the health and wellness industry since the early 2000’s with my work on the advertising agency side. I was lucky to work with Aetna after winning a hackathon to provide a digital solution for caregiving which set me on a path to work with pharama and wellness companies who were wanting to bring a digital innovation and experience into their solutions for patients/customers.

What would you say is one of the biggest barriers in women’s health innovation?

I am sure your interviewees have said this before, but there are two core challenges in women’s health innovation – data and funding.

With the small amount of data that exists specifically around women’s health it is hard to prove tam sam som for investors sometimes to enable them to prove a case internally at their either private funds, VC partners or event angel investor collectives that these innovations can deliver 10X returns. 

-Fiona Thwaites

What is one of your proudest achievements to date?

Keeping the Jennis business running even under fiscal pressure. We all have a passion to succeed and we will continue to serve our customers as best we can. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring CEO in the women’s health industry?

Network, network, network and get to learn who are the other influential women in your space – hormonal health, pregnancy, digital and connected devices. The communities such as  female health founders, femtech insights, women of wearables are amazing places to find resources, support and help when you ask for it.

Jennis, Fiona Thwaites, CEO

What one thing would you change about the industry?

For me the hot button right now is how do we get more funding into womens health and specifically for female founders of female health focused businesses. Once investors understand that this really is a category that can deliver returns we will se e the increase in volume of cheques written as well as the sizes of those cheques. 

How do you define success?

We have been able to create an NPS score (Net Promoter Score) of 58/100. This to me is success as it reflects that our users are passionate about what we are providing to them and that means we are doing something right!! Getting feedback emails from customers saying we have changed their lives is truly success. (Net promoter score of over 40 is deemed a growth generator).

Is there a go-to book you advise aspiring CEO’s to read?

If you are a small company and starting out this book is great:

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