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Hormone, Mindset & Business Coach

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Hormones, mindset, business

Laura Teare-Jones Biography

Laura Teare-Jones is a hormone, mindset and business coach, podcaster, and fierce PMDD and women’s health advocate. PMDD – premenstrual dysphoric disorder – is a cyclical, hormone-based mood disorder. Symptoms of PMDD are extreme psychological and emotional symptoms, and also physical symptoms which present during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, and subside at the onset of a menstrual period. Despite PMDD being fairly common (affecting 1 in 20 cycling individuals), Laura wasn’t diagnosed with PMDD until the age of 28, purely due to a lack of awareness and understanding both in the medical world, and in wider society. Laura says, “PMDD is a very real, serious health condition. I know that if I had been aware of my condition sooner, I would have had a better quality of life. I’ve had to do a lot of learning (and unlearning) about the menstrual cycle and self-compassion, and get to know myself all over again, away from the stories that I had made up about myself being over-dramatic and attention-seeking, and I’ve had to get to know this version of myself, living with a chronic health condition, all over again.” Laura’s goal is to normalise the conversations around menstrual health and mental health, and after setting up her podcast, My Hormones My Health in 2020, she decided to focus her work on showing other people that you can still get on with living the life you want, even while living with, what she calls, “hormone havoc.” Now, Laura works to support other women who live with “hormone havoc” to live life on their terms, and thrive in business! She says, “When you work with me, you set an intention to show up for yourself, and your business. Laura’s GET **IT DONE PROGRAMME launched in January 2024 and is for female entrepreneurs, to get their s**t done, leave the imposter syndrome behind, and take their business to the next level.

Laura Teare-Jones Services

  • 1:1 coaching for hormone and mindset support
  • Group membership for women who struggle to prioritise themselves
  • GET **IT DONE Programme for female entrepreneurs

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