Lee Forrester

Lee Forrester

Lee Forester

Self Publishing Coach & Nursepreneur

Areas of Specialism

Nursepreneurship, health coaching, self publishing

Lee Forrester Biography

Lee, a trailblazing best-selling author, nursepreneur, and health coach, derives deep inspiration from her personal journey of overcoming childhood struggles. Her mission is to empower individuals, especially women in their 40s and 50s, to embrace their authenticity, speak their truth, discover purpose, and build impactful brands in business and philanthropy.

In her capacity as a nursepreneur, Lee is unwaveringly committed to assisting women in crafting a work-life balance that is both fulfilling and harmonious. She champions a holistic approach to well-being, advocating for practical and realistic strategies in nutrition and exercise. With a focus on fostering confidence and empowerment, Lee’s unique perspective resonates profoundly with those seeking alternative paths in income, flexibility, and lifestyle choices.

Lee Forrester Services

  • Unleashing Your Authentic Voice: Crafting and sharing personal stories and book ideas, unlocking the potential for best-seller status, and empowering women to articulate their unique narratives.
  • Guiding Women to Speak, Write, and Coach: Providing insights and strategies for women to confidently express themselves through various channels, leveraging their stories to make a lasting impact.
  • Dispelling Fitness Myths: Addressing common misconceptions and myths surrounding fitness for women navigating the challenges of midlife.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Sharing practical tips for sustaining motivation and accountability on the transformative journey to achieving fitness goals.
  • Speak Out Your Dreams: Speak your Life, Encouraging individuals to vocalise and overcome fears in expressing their aspirations, fostering a supportive environment for personal growth and achievement.


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