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Bridie Houlihan

Bridie Houlihan | Founder & CEO Female Health Founders

Chantelle Znideric is an Award-Winning Personal Stylist and Brand Expert, based in Devon. She specialises in working with high-achieving female leaders and founders in the UK and abroad, by helping them to elevate their unique personal style and develop an authentic brand, with ease, mastery, and confidence. Working with Chantelle will provide you with an invaluable understanding, along with the tools to increase professionalism and visibility and excel in your business, which is guaranteed to serve you for your lifetime.

Chantelle, when it comes to personal style for female health leaders, what inspired you to embark on a career as a personal stylist consultant, and how do you see your role impacting women in leadership positions?

When I was three months old, I was adopted from Indonesia by British parents, who were looking for adventure by embarking on a new life and pursuing their teaching careers abroad. 

From an early age, they instilled in me that I must always be proud of where I was born and celebrate my individuality.

My cultural heritage played an important yet consistent role when I was growing up. Today, in my job as a personal stylist this fuels my creativity, and in my personal life, it has a significant meaning while bringing up my two daughters. 

-Chantelle Znideric

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When I three years old, my parents moved back to the U.K. and we landed in Devon. When I was a young girl, I was massively into music and I admired artists such as Madonna, Boy George, and Janet Jackson, who inspired me to express myself. Listening to the Top 40 on the radio and watching The Clothes Show on Sundays was the highlight of my week! Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s allowed me to experiment with fashion, realise my style potential and appreciated the things that made me happy.

A few years later, when I left Exeter College, I was offered a graphic design apprenticeship with AB Graphics, something which I had only dreamed of. I learnt about colour, design, and print but what I really loved was creating branding, logos, brochures, and websites.

Helping a company develop their new brand, positioning them in their respective field and seeing my designs come alive was the best feeling.

-Chantelle Znideric

In 2006, my graphic design and branding experience, coupled with my passion for fashion left me with an urge to start up a fashion blog. It was the new trend and I wanted to jump on it. This was a fantastic way for me have a voice within the industry and write about fashion, styles, and brands I admired. I also introduced a fashion column for women to write to me with their fashion dilemmas and where I could recommend looks and create outfits for them – I loved it!

Nearly 18 years on, I am working as a personal stylist with successful female leaders and founders, globally, by giving them valuable tools to establish their style with confidence and develop a brand that feels authentic. This helps them to show up looking modern and stylish and gives them the self-belief to excel in their businesses, which is guaranteed to serve them a lifetime. 

As a personal stylist, I absolutely love what I do, and I am eternally grateful to work with many inspirational women, helping them grow and feel confident. My role is incredibly rewarding.

I believe every woman should feel empowered to be the best version of themselves to achieve their dreams, aspirations, and life goals.

-Chantelle Znideric

Having an amazing personal style and dressing in a way that reflects your true values installs confidence and always makes a fabulous, positive, and lasting impression on others.

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We are curious about the intersection of personal style and leadership. Can you share your thoughts on how a well-crafted personal style can enhance a female leader’s professional presence and confidence?

A well-crafted personal style and brand can enhance a female leader’s professional presence, visibility, and appearance, like a hidden superpower that allows them to excel, seamlessly, in all areas of their lives.

As a personal stylist, there are many aspects that must be considered before I start working with a client. Understanding their goals and aspirations as a leader, mindset boundaries and limitations, style preferences and personal values can look very different. Utilising my experience and styling expertise enables me to fine tune their style and align their values in the best way possible, that feels truly authentic.

Being a personal stylist, is not just about curating items of clothing and creating a capsule wardrobe. There is a lot of planning, research and confidence building involved to make it a success, and really getting to know my client is incredibly important.

Establishing a personal style and brand doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey that will continually empower them to grow, progress and feel energised, ultimately showcasing their best version in every scenario in life.

-Chantelle Znideric

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Many female leaders have demanding schedules. How do you approach creating personalised style solutions that align with their professional roles while considering the practicalities of their daily lives?

My personalised styling packages are designed to be super flexible and accommodate busy lifestyles – it is the nature of working with female leaders with very different requirements and demanding schedules, which enables them to work with me on their days off, in the evenings, at weekends or online. Clients can choose a one-time or monthly style solution and each package is always highly personalised and tailored to their specific requirements to achieve their style goals. 

Since the pandemic, I launched my VIP Style Club. It is a monthly virtual styling service, and has grown in popularity, mainly because most of my clients are based in London, Home Counties and abroad, and means I can work closely with them from my home in Devon.

-Chantelle Znideric

It allows me to source and recommend new items, create new outfits for business and social engagements, and with all their clothing stored all in one place within their Virtual Closets, I can manage their wardrobes much more efficiently. It’s a fabulous way to work, it’s hugely valuable to my clients, as they receive style inspiration and new outfits each month, and I also really enjoy the process of working with them regularly.

Currently, I am also super excited to be creating The Elite Stylist 6-Week Programme for female leaders, who want to transform their lives and boost their careers, by gaining control and establishing an authentic brand with powerful results. I can’t wait to share more on this very soon!

I find it incredibly rewarding to channel my creativity as a personal stylist to help female leaders strike a perfect balance with developing an authentic style that reflects their leadership identity. This, of course, looks different for each person, but for me, it’s an exciting challenge to have!

I love noticing the seasonal fashion trends but don’t rely on them to build your brand foundations, as they will come and go, and won’t have any real staying power.

As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal”, and this is a mantra I live by.

-Chantelle Znideric

However, if you want to have fun with the trends, then this is something you can experiment with in your off-duty outfits. Otherwise, trying to incorporate fashionable trends, as part of your brand might confuse your audience if you are not consistent. Defining your style and brand elements is a journey, and it may take some time and this is perfectly normal, however, the beauty is that they can be modified along the way.

Maintaining a timeless image that has longevity starts with learning about each brand element, the benefits and how best to apply it. For example, how to introduce colours that will radiate your skin tone and elevate your wardrobe, choose modern styles that flatter your shape and proportions, incorporate touches of understated luxury with sublime cuts, or add interest to your overall look with textures and fabrics. Combining these aspects will play a valuable part in conveying your authenticity and showing up as the leader you are and want to be.

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Personal style is often seen as an extension of one’s personality. How do you work with female leaders to ensure their personal style is both authentic and aligned with their professional persona?

When life is demanding, and time is limited, it is all too easy to forget about who you are and what brings you joy.

The items in your existing wardrobe can often give you signals to what you are naturally drawn to when shopping for clothes, and the decisions you subconsciously make about your individual style without realising it.

-Chantelle Znideric

Discovering your style personality can really help determine how to formulate your personal brand, which will create the consistency throughout. Thinking about your style icons and what you most admire about them, as well as garment details you look for, accessories you choose, fabrics you like wearing or prints you gravitate to, will also help to gain clarity in this area. For example, do you love feminine styles and floaty fabrics, or do you have an edgier look and bold, dramatic pieces in your wardrobe? If you’re sporty or enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle, can also be telling, along with how experimental you like to be with pushing your fashion boundaries. This is always a revelation and an important lesson when developing your personal style. 

Sometimes, simply, just taking time out and rediscovering what makes you happy or unhappy, or your likes and dislikes, can help to define your personal and professional values, as making sure these create a good balance is important. You may have a different persona in your private life, therefore, understanding your personality and character traits, in both areas, will be advantageous. 

Often, when aligning your personal style with your professional persona, can be a matter of introducing influences and leaning into your personal preferences in a relevant and appropriate way.

-Chantelle Znideric

This will help achieve that consistent high-quality, professional, authoritative look, which conveys your experience, as well as the leader qualities you desire.

Female leaders often have diverse roles and responsibilities. How do you tailor your personal stylist advice to accommodate the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in leadership positions?

Understanding my clients’ lifestyles, companies or organisations, roles and responsibilities, and who they work with ensures I can tailor my styling advice accordingly. Depending on the unique challenges they are facing,

I recommend prioritising the areas that will potentially have most impact and achieve the quickest results. Although often, baby steps are required to gain momentum and thrive along with improving self-belief and building confidence.

-Chantelle Znideric

When I am designing a capsule wardrobe for a client, I curate a collection of multifunctional clothing items, shoes, and accessories from different brands, sympathetic to their budget. Once I am happy with the selection, I can begin to edit the right pieces and create fabulous outfits for different occasions in their life. I am a huge advocate of utilising existing clothing, investing in the best pieces that offer versatility and longevity and owning less clothes to avoid overwhelm and discourage waste – and yet, have lots of exciting outfits they LOVE to wear, which makes them feel stylish and confident.

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Confidence is a key element of leadership. Can you share anecdotes or examples of how transforming personal style has positively impacted the confidence and leadership presence of the women you’ve worked with?

One of my London clients had worked for a huge corporate organisation as a Software Engineering Manager for several years. She got promoted to a more senior position a couple of years ago, working predominantly with men.

She felt confident and excited for the promotion but didn’t feel confident in her style and wanted to establish a brand to accommodate hybrid working, as well as convey a bit more authority.

-Chantelle Znideric

Initially, I took her personal shopping, a couple of times, in two different seasons, and each session was a success! She has invested in fewer quality pieces and now has increased her professionalism, with just the right amount of femininity that really suits her. We continue to shop together twice a year, I help her to push the boundaries to maintain a current look, and sometimes we incorporate clothing for social events in her personal life, which takes away her stress and saves a lot of time.

Recently, I worked with a local Founder of a multi-award-winning agency. Her company had already established a fabulous corporate brand. However,

her desire was to be more visible and increase her profile, globally, and putting her best version forward for guest speaking and media opportunities.

-Chantelle Znideric

She also had a personal branding photoshoot booked with a view to showcase beautiful profile shots to use on her social platforms. I gave her advice on colours and helped her create a collection of amazing outfits to wear, which she felt confident wearing. With years of successful business growth under her belt she has achieved a joyful, memorable, and impactful style and brand, which truly aligns with her personality and company values. I loved working with her, and it is just incredible to see her shine everywhere she goes!

Another client is a successful Executive Coaching Founder, and she lives in Lincoln. When I first met her, she also had a branding photoshoot booked with a desire to rebrand her website, elevate her style, and increase her profile for online and in-person meetings with her clients. We started with a couple of shopping trips in London and just recently she signed up to my VIP Style Club. She now sees the value of a personal stylist helping her manage her wardrobe and create outfits for high-profile work and social events, which saves her time and reduces her stress of trying to create outfits. The feeling of not having anything to wear is a thing of the past!

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Sustainability and ethical fashion are gaining prominence. How do you incorporate these values into your approach when advising female leaders on their personal style choices?

My approach to sustainability and ethical fashion is something I am really passionate about. I am a huge advocate of utilising and repurposing forgotten or unworn pieces, and I only ever encourage clients to buy items if they really need them. 

I like to recommend buying from charity shops, and preloved boutiques and online stores, as clothes are sometimes new or nearly new. However, even if they are not new, they don’t always have to be, to be loved and enjoyed again.

When a client has an event to go to and they are looking for an occasion outfit, I often suggest renting outfits or restyling garments. 

-Chantelle Znideric

Educating clients about cost per wear, considering how their items can be worn and maximising these, or repurposing clothing, to get the best results, is all part of the process. Being open to shopping in different places can be very liberating and allows you to get a bit more creative and establish a truly bespoke brand. You don’t always have to buy new, to get the look you want, however, don’t get drawn in to buying something, just because it is cheap. Have boundaries, and think about how to pair your purchases, as you may end up with lots of cheap items and not know what to do with them. 

Thankfully, the stigma has gone when it comes to buying preloved or second-hand clothing. Being savvy, sustainable, and ethical with your clothing choices is much more important for our planet and it is a smarter approach to adopt.

-Chantelle Znideric

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Chantelle’s Top Three Style & Shopping Tips for Female Health Founders

1: Do this… 

Shop for new clothes in your old wardrobe! Quite often we have too many clothes and it is easy to forget about those hidden gems. Invest time and deep dive into your wardrobe and identify at least five things that still bring you joy. Pay attention to the colour, the style, the details, or the cut. Try each item on and look objectively at why you love it and notice how it makes you feel. Use these pieces as building blocks to create new and exciting outfits you love to wear. More importantly, could they start to formulate your personal style or brand?

2: Stop doing this…

Stop buying things impulsively, just because you like them, or if they are a bargain! Think long term and invest in less items that are better quality, or the best quality you can afford. If you want to add more personality, introduce a variety of fun, timeless and statement accessories that can elevate your look for different occasions.

3: Use this…

A top tip for helping you shop more efficiently and saving time, in store or online, is to select items by colour first, then style and lastly, size. If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there, this is worth trying out. Invest in wardrobe staples, such as trousers, knitwear, and great jackets. These are the items that provide versatility, a timeless look, that can be easily mixed and matched and never go out of style.

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