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Sal Judieh

AI & Marketing Automation Specialist

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Sal Judieh, a professional from Toronto, Canada, is known for leveraging ChatGPT, AI and no-code tools to revolutionise business operations. He aims to significantly reduce costs by 70-80% and boost revenue effortlessly through the use of AI dashboards and automation of business processes.

With a background in engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University, Sal demonstrates a strong ability to simplify complex tasks efficiently and is currently associated with, where he showcases his expertise in using technology for business growth. Beyond his professional endeavours, Sal is committed to making a positive impact in sectors such as women’s health through the application of technology. He actively seeks collaboration with platforms like Female Health Founders, and to work with women’s health start ups. Driven by his belief in AI’s potential to revolutionise industries and improve lives. Sal’s work aligns with the growing trend of low-code and no-code tools, which are increasingly being used to enhance business processes and efficiency.


Vietnam based, works worldwide

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