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Sheila Docker

Behaviour Change and Wellness Coach

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Hi I’m Sheila Docker, a Behaviour Change and Wellness Coach helping ambitious leaders and their teams unlock their superpowers to become healthier, happier and more energised and confident in their 40s, 50s and beyond. I feel blessed that I have helped to transform the confidence, strength and health of some pretty amazing people. 

These are leaders from all walks of life, who are struggling to thrive at the mid stage of life. So, let’s look at what binds these incredible people together beyond their labels. Whether they’re public service heroes, entrepreneurial business owners, or cancer survivors, they all share common bonds—responsibilities, caregiving roles, and the wisdom that comes with decades of varied experiences (with age comes wisdom!). Also, beyond the glamour and excitement, my clients, like many of us, have, faced broken hearts, lost confidence, and are facing the challenges of aging.

The key is not accepting that as an inevitable part of life whether you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond. My clients want to find out what it means to feel strong, energised, and mentally and physically healthy, no matter their age. It’s about celebrating who you are and visualising the best version of yourself for the decades ahead. For me, that’s what makes all my clients so interesting. And, of course, we are ALL unique with our own superpowers, our own experiences (good and bad) which makes us the amazing people we are. 

“You should be on prescription” I have a holistic 360 approach when working with both 121 clients and teams, covering nutrition, mindset, movement and strength, and strategies for sleep and stress.  This enables my clients, who are international, as well as more local to me, to feel healthy, confident, energised, fitter and stronger, enabling them to unlock their full potential in leading AND living.

My question to you is ‘what would you like your mind and body to do for you in the next 10, 20 years and beyond?’ The longest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves.  Yet we still prioritise all of our other relationships and commitments.   Putting yourself first is not selfish, arrogant or narcissistic.  In fact, prioritising yourself, your confidence, strength, health and happiness will positively impact all other areas of your life.  

Why I do what I do? I took control of my own health about 15 years ago, having struggled with inflammatory health challenges for nearly 30 years.  I had two serious operations that could have been prevented if my lifestyle choices had been different.

During this time of feeling ‘bleurgh’ daily, I still travelled the world, had international corporate roles, ran two limited companies and brought up a family.   However, I lacked focus in presentations and meetings and was not always present for my children.  The constant bloating, exhaustion, joint aching and headaches meant my confidence was low and I wasn’t performing at my best.

Funny thing is it took those two operations for me to make change. How many of us do that, wait for something to happen before embracing a good and positive transformation?  Amazingly, although I was just surviving, I didn’t realise how sick I was feeling until I started feeling incredible and have done ever since.

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