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I help sports-loving women get lasting relief from chronic pain by gently restoring functional movement to the whole body. My own experience with chronic back and sciatic pain led me on a journey of discovery to find the biomechanical solution to my pain, because I’d tried every mainstream therapy without success. My own research and persistence eventually led me to discover the solution to my pain and allowed me to get rid of it. I was baffled at the simplicity of the method and wondered why no-one had shown me it before. I trained to become an Egoscue Therapist and founded The Pain-Free Body. It’s my mission to share this simple solution to help others who are desperate for their pain to stop, but have no idea what to do. I absolutely love seeing my clients’ lives transform as their pain disappears and they can finally live their life the way they want. Before this, I did my doctorate in microbiology and I spent 14 years working in medical communications, creating educational materials for doctors and patients.

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