Jacqueline Rose

Empowering Women Through Menopause: Jacqueline Rose’s Entrepreneurship Journey

Welcome Jacqueline Rose to Female Health Founders, how did your journey as women’s health entrepreneur begin?

In 2013 following having baby #5 and supporting my eldest child through an illness, I decided to do something for myself. With a background in yoga practice and having had 5 kids, I decided to train as a Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth Teacher. This 5 month course changed my life.

I discovered I actually knew nothing about pregnancy, giving birth, being connected to your body, giving birth in tune with your body and more.

-Jacqueline Rose

I started teaching straight away as I knew I had a message to share with women whose only frame of reference for giving birth was from TV and movies. Since then I have trained in Yoga for Women’s Health and other yoga modalities and then moved into the integrative women’s health space and specifically supporting women in their menopause years.

Jacqueline Rose
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What inspired you to start your business?

I realised that I had a message to share that was not being talked about….. women taking ownership of their own health and wellbeing in a proactive and NOT a reactive way. Conventional medicine does not do women’s health very well and especially not menopause.

I am passionate about changing the way women understand and experience their menopause journey

-Jacqueline Rose

and much of that focuses on supporting my clients directly, but also being a thought leader and speaker in changing the conversation around this and other women’s health topics.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

I focus on women at all stages of their menopause journey – peri through to post. I take an integrative approach to supporting my clients, including functional medicine, yoga, vagus nerve and nervous system regulation. But primarily I am looking at creating long term hormonal health and balance. I promote my work through my social media platforms, my Youtube channel, my private Menopause facebook group and my newsletter. I also run workshops, trainings, speak at women’s events and have been interviewed on numerous podcasts. I have not received any funding or investment. I believe very much in collaboration and women support women in business.

Jacqueline Rose
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As a woman in business, what obstacles have you faced in establishing your company? And how have you overcome them?

My two biggest challenges have been:

  1. Learning how to be a business owner – marketing, PR, client attraction, business strategy and more.
  2. Finding the right balance for my business and my family.

I chose to be an entrepreuner as I wanted to decide my own work hours, not be answerable to a boss and to be available to my family when they needed me. Being a present mum is very important to me, and that means that sometimes I am less focused or have less time to commit to growing my business. I have consistently worked with business coaches and that has really helped me to focus on the essential things I need to do to grow my business, to position myself as an expert and to attract new clients. Plus as my kids get older my time availability is increasing.

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

There is no question that a gender health gap exists – maybe not in accessibility but in definitely in knowledge, research, education and in treatment options.

Conventional healthcare practioners have not had the training, been exposed to the research available, or understand the nuances of women’s health issues and how to support women at different stages of their lifecycle.

-Jacqueline Rose

The growth in the digital women’s health arena should increase accessiblity to doctors who have a deeper understanding of women’s health issues. It will also increase access to information and experts for the women who need it.

Jacqueline Rose
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Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your holistic health business? How did you develop it? What impact has it had?

Over the last 5-6 years I have worked with a range of business coaches. Each one was right for the specific stage of business growth that I was in.

Because of my field (which is mis-understood and not yet part of everyday conversations) a lot of my strategy had been focused on educating my audience and positioning myself as the expert.

-Jacqueline Rose

However I am currently working with a business coach that has really changed the way I understand my business needs and how to grow it to create a thriving business model that fits in with my life style. My focus now is doing things as simply as possible and not over-complicating the process. Of course this is not easy but removing all the “extra things” that we think we have to do to have a growing business is very helpful. The two essential things that have been critical to my business have been:

  1. Hiring an assistant.
  2. Consistently showing up (usually day) in some way on my social media platforms.
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Which key pieces of kit, technology or software could you not live without for your business?

  • Canva – for all my graphics!
  • WIX – for my website, that I have built myself
  • ActiveCampaign – for my newsletter, landing pages, email sequencing and more

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

To be a sought-after thought leader and speaker to change the women’s health and menopause conversation. I want to run retreats and be a guest speaker at conference and events. And of course to continue to grow my client work so that I can support women 1:1 to feel amazing in midlife and well into post-menopause!

Jacqueline Rose
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Your pieces of advice for fellow female health founders?

  1. Find your passion and be clear about your message. It doesn’t matter if someone is doing exactly what you are doing – if you believe in it, know what you are talking about and are clear with your message, people will come to you because something will resonate with them.
  2. Consistency. You have to be showing up in some way, shape or form. You can’t keep your thoughts to yourself…. share them! Let people hear what you have to say. And do it every day!
  3. Support other business female owners. We are very much taught that competition is the name of the game, that there is a limited audience and you have to fight for your slice of the pie. I believe that as women we are stronger together and the more we support and boost each other, the more we ALL benefit.

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