Juliet Goodwin, holistic health

Juliet Goodwin: From Nurse To Holistic Health Entrepreneur

Welcome Juliet Goodwin to Female Health Founders, how did your journey as a women’s holistic health entrepreneur begin?

Working as a nurse in the NHS, I became aware of the limitations of conventional medicine in helping people improve their health. I saw many patients struggling with chronic disease and recurring problems. This was reflected in my own life as I had niggling health issues; like many patients I met, I had resigned myself to feeling below par.

Although I was working in ‘health’, I was not truly aware of how to be healthy and what my body needed to function properly.

-Juliet Goodwin

I was drawn to complementary therapies and saw a nutritional therapist; I learnt why my body was out of balance, how to not just nourish it, but heal gut issues and improve my energy and immunity. I was ultimately inspired to share this knowledge with others.

Juliet Goodwin, Holistic Health,
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What inspired you to start your business?

I could see there was a real need to support not just myself holistically, but many others. I had seen first hand patients living unhealthy lives with little to no knowledge about how to nourish themselves and be in tune with their bodies. Growing up, most people are not taught this information. The basics about periods, hormones, gut function, the role of food and mental wellbeing. So many people are unaware and disempowered as a result. I think particularly for girls and women there is such limited knowledge about menstrual cycles and hormonal health, which is unnecessarily debilitating.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

I provide a holistic health service; I am not just advising people what to eat, I help get to the root cause of their symptoms (via testing and assessment) and support their mental health with EFT.

Gut health is the cornerstone of wellness, it is relevant to the functioning of most of our bodily systems including hormonal health.

-Juliet Goodwin

I support women through the life stages from teen to menopause with their hormones and gut health. I passionately believe in the mind-body connection and have thus trained to become an EFT practitioner. Stress and emotional imbalance play a huge part in our physical health. I am also a health coach, which means I address mindset and mental blocks to making changes. I reach people through word of mouth, giving talks, website and social media. I have collaborated with doctors, gyms, osteopaths and reflexologists. I funded myself initially working as a nurse, then nutritionist.

Juliet Goodwin, Holistic Health,
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As a woman in business, what obstacles have you faced in establishing your company? And how have you overcome them?

Being female and coming from a nurse background, I think has affected how much I promote myself and think ‘big’. I very much had the vocational, selfless mentality than a ‘head for business’; I have been less about selling and more about helping! I had to work on confidence and boundaries; being self-employed is certainly an interesting and revealing professional and personal journey! Working with a business coach has helped and learning about mindset, recognising where I need help and accepting it!

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

I think for all the drawbacks of the internet and social media, it has created so much opportunity for women. We have a greater, unified voice as we are able to access information and a vast variety of support more readily. There is increased choice and knowledge which is really empowering and liberating. This can and should raise both standards and expectations for women in the arena of health. It also enables creative and impactful professional collaborations. Galvanising support and awareness to enact change for women’s health is now much more possible.

Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your holistic health business? How did you develop it? What impact has it had?

Connection! Network through local and online groups, whether they be professional or support groups for your area of interest. Find services that complement yours and build relationships which can result in cross referrals.

So much of running a business is about building a trusted network and relationships with not just your clients but your ‘community’.

-Juliet Goodwin

Give talks, get out there, this can be as important as having an online presence. I have made valued connections both ways. Work on mindset, I think most female business founders I meet have some degree of self-limiting beliefs or ‘staying small’. Get support or coaching around this if it is holding you back.

Juliet Goodwin, Holistic Health,
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Which key pieces of kit, technology or software could you not live without for your business?

  • Computer and phone!
  • My website (can be easy to design yourself with a website builder templates).
  • Zoom for online consultations
  • I use a clinical administrative system called Practice Better for my client records and appointments
  • Mailerlite for newsletters
  • Eventbrite for event promotion and ticket sales.
  • Xero App for accounting
  • The Natural Medicines Database to check for supplement-drug interactions.
  • I am a big fan of Canva for helping design anything!

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

To bring accessible holistic health support to women of all ages, empowering women and girls to understand their bodies and be in tune with them. I am also passionate about bringing EFT (‘Tapping’) to as many people as possible, especially youngsters. I have experienced firsthand myself and with clients the incredible and quick impact it can have on ingrained negative beliefs and emotional issues. We are living in a time where there is a clear mental health crisis, and more than ever people, especially youngsters need skills and support to help them navigate life and their feelings. I would like to take EFT into schools and institutions.

Juliet Goodwin, holistic health

Your pieces of advice for fellow female health founders?

  1. Get clear on your values and why, even if you don’t know who your client is.
  2. Connect with women in businesses similar to yours, or those that align with your values. Join women’s networking groups and build up your community (online and IRL).
  3. Address mindset and self-limiting beliefs, think about business coaching, mindset work and/or supervision. It won’t always be easy, but if you are doing something you love, you’re definitely on the right track!

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