How Abi Adams founded Project Woman

This week’s women’s health founders story is from Abi Adams on her founding story of her company Project Woman.

How did your journey with Project Woman begin?

My female health founder journey began after finding my period at 34 while studying MMA in the States. I was moving my body for 8-10 hours a day in various high-intensity disciplines for over a month, when my period became a 28 day cycle instead of around 30 days. It wasn’t emotionally and physically debilitating as usual. Nor was it a flooding mess of anxiety. When I returned to the UK, I went down a rabbit hole of learning which made me realise how little I knew about myself; my body, my hormones, and my habits. But more importantly, it revealed a communication and relationship I had never experienced before of clarity, understanding and fulfilment.

It was whilst in a cafe in Soho, London where I was reading about the charity Project 0 in the local magazine and their work around the dead zones in our oceans that Project Woman was born.

-Abi Adams

I remember grabbing my husband and saying; THAT’S exactly what a woman’s womb is! A dead zone of misunderstanding and lack of education that is taking us further from our female power and more toward ill health. I took my 20 years in the health and wellbeing and diversified into female health and haven’t looked back. It’s transformed every relationship I have and taken me and my husband to a very wonderful place.

What inspired you to start your business?

A mixture of watching my mum as I was growing up fight physically, emotionally and mentally in her relationship because she didn’t believe she had any other choice. And knowing deep within my soul that women deserved and could have way more than what they were being given. I created Project Woman; which is the greatest choice you can give yourself, because I wanted an exciting, thriving, intelligent, inspirational, empowering and educational space in my back pocket which I can reach for whenever I want and need it.

So if I need it, I know millions of others need and want it too.

-Abi Adams

My background and passion is in movement and emotional landscaping (creating greater communication with and to your emotions for clarity and dynamic relationships), and when women move with me when they’re on one of the Project Woman Weekends or even one of my short movement videos online, they tell me they’ve never moved like this before and that it’s transformed the way they feel their body. I honestly believe that women are underwhelmed by their bodies, not overwhelmed because we’ve been moving to please others for far too long, not fully embodying our potential.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

Project Woman is an online private space that cuts out the BS and overstimulation and takes you straight to the source of empowerment. We value every woman, whether they are menstruating, peri/menopausal, knowing we are stronger when we rock life together. We remind you of how to look after yourself and do this through our weekly 15-minute meetings that start and finish the week with your female health in mind. The women that attend always say how much easier the working week is when they show up to these. We also hold online Diary Mapping Sessions which show you how to diarise your female health in a fun and inspirational way. We know time is precious, so we have our own female travel agent on hand to book family, work or solo trips/retreats with whatever budget you have.

We have a living breathing Period Policy and Period Policy online clinic (our menopause policy and online clinic launches at the end of the year), where you can join our specialist once a month to answer any questions you may have about your period health. And then we offer corporate spaces guidance and support in how to initiate long-term approaches toward female health in the workplace. And then we hold the Project Woman Weekends in Spring to open the year and September to celebrate the year. Both these weekends are transformational and empower women to work in tune with their bodies, hormones and emotions by creating clear, confident communication and relationships.

Abi Adams, project woman

We partner and collaborate with MPowder, Yoni Health, Ancient & Brave, BetterYou and Pinks Boutique. We’ve held events at Soho House, The Ministry Private Members Club and will be at Verve Festival this year in September. In regard to investment, we haven’t had any as yet as I’ve managed to fund it myself.

I actually don’t feel comfortable with this patriarchal approach toward progression.

-Abi Adams

Project Woman believes deeply in the Matriarchal Movement where everyone benefits from the health and wealth. The memberships pay the wonderful specialists to be paid for their wisdom and we are now looking at specific female health charities we will be contributing to, all from the membership payments. I honestly believe the Project Woman community will grow and create it’s own currency of success for everyone.

As a woman in business what obstacles have you faced, and how have you over come them?

All my obstacles have been with myself. My sense of lack and fear toward growth stemmed from what I saw in childhood. Having studied the psychology of the chakras and the emotional landscaping I have developed, I have empowered myself to overcome the above and step confidently toward where I want to be. Realising I didn’t need to fight myself anymore was a game changer.

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

Vast and unstoppable. Will we fill the gender health gap? That all depends on whether we are all working on our emotional health gap first. I see a lot of people declaring their power and awesomeness online and yet I know how much they are suffering behind the scenes. I’ve been there and done that and I know first hand how you simply go round in circles never changing anything other than increasing your emotional insecurity and lack of self-appreciation.

Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your women’s health business?

I listened to my intuition. I listened to the people that believed in me and wanted me to be more me and fulfil my purpose. I surround myself in people that believe in greater. But most importantly, my health has always come first. It is the basis of all my success and that will never change.

Which pieces of kit, technology and software could you not live without?

We’re pretty simple at Project Woman because, at midlife, it should be simple and easy!

  • We use Mighty Networks which I love. It enables us to share the various styles of content our members enjoy and our members find it easy and a joy to use.
  • To plan and put content together we use Asana, which I’m still getting used to in all honesty.
  • I’m a big lover of Whatsapp voice notes. I’d do everything by this if I could!
  • I’ve just been introduced to Voxer which takes voice notes but I’ve got to overcome my Whatsapp addiction first.

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

For our memberships to go global, being bought by businesses for their female employees. We also see the Project Woman Weekends developing into Project Woman Luxury Events, where individuals and companies can book pre-prepared or bespoke experiences from a catalogue of luxury accommodations and specialists in various fields we bring together to curate a unique approach to health, wellness and business.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to a fellow women’s health founder?

  1. Put your health before your business, it’s the foundation of your success.
  2. Believe in your ideas, they came for a reason.
  3. Put yourself in an environment that wants you to flourish and grow beyond what you believe to be true. Your environment will determine your development.

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