How Caroline Gaskin is supporting women through hormonal changes with homeopathy

How Caroline Gaskin is supporting women through hormonal changes with homeopathy

How did your journey with your women’s health business begin?

Like so many women, my journey into working with women’s health really started with having my children.

I was newly pregnant, not that long out of art school with a thriving textile print business, and I read Gabrielle Palmer’s book ‘The Politics of Breastfeeding’ and I was suddenly switched onto the reality that my body was designed to birth and feed babies and that much of the women’s health journey in our culture was overly medicalised.

-Caroline Gaskin

I enrolled in a prenatal yoga class and was the youngest there. I was also the earliest in my pregnancy which, when I look back, has set the tone for much of my subsequent career as a natural health practitioner.

What inspired you to start your business?

When my son was only 4 months old he had a cough and my GP prescribed a sedative. I knew instinctively that I didn’t want to give him medication with potentially adverse side effects. At a local natural health centre I encountered a holistic view of health. The homeopath we saw wanted to know ‘who’ my son was, as well as ‘how’ the cough was for him. She explained that she was looking for a remedy to fix the whole person, not just the cough. What she gave him worked. Later I saw her too and experienced deep healing and went on to train as a homeopath when my children went to school.

Tell us more about your women’s health business?

Much of my focus is on supporting women through hormonal change. These times in our lives are often such huge pivots. Fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual irregularities, menopause and aging are often not well supported. Solutions are limited to a very medicalised approach. My current focus on menopause came when I experienced most of the 34 symptoms myself.

At talks for Meg’s Menopause, Homes for Haringey & Amazon UK, amongst others, I saw huge diversity in approaches to this time of life amongst women of different backgrounds.

-Caroline Gaskin

Many questions get asked that are not met. While we are raising awareness, which is great, there is still much work to be done. Funding and investment has been entirely self-motivated so far, driven by a passion and a belief that birthing babies and ourselves need not necessarily be in pain.

How Caroline Gaskin is supporting women through hormonal changes with homeopathy

As a woman in business what obstacles have you faced, and how have you over come them?

I was a single mum when I initially trained with no family nearby so juggling childcare and financial resources were my biggest challenges. I worked in PR for a natural childbirth company who went into receivership and, to be honest, it was full on.

I channelled my resources and set up a booking system for the birth & baby massage teachers who still needed to run their businesses.

-Caroline Gaskin

Somehow, with the support and advice of friends & colleagues, I trained, I stopped worrying about money and trusted the process. We got through it all and I’m really glad I’m here doing what I do. There are many joys and one of the greatest is that ‘aha’ moment when a client says they feel like their true self again. Then you know that you are in the right place, at the right time and hope and vitality are being restored.

How do you see the landscape of digital women’s health evolving to fill the gender health gap?

There is such great scope in the digital space to provide support for women from all demographics and technology is advancing with many platforms to provide this.

We will need to diversify beyond the English-spoken space and raise awareness of resources.

-Caroline Gaskin

I see a need for signposting to sources with genuine experience, proven efficacy and understanding of women’s health issues and to take into consideration the differences that arise across age, access to information, ethnicity and wealth.

Can you pinpoint a particular strategy that has been pivotal to the success of your women’s health business?

Being consistent is absolutely key and owning where I am at really helps, for instance if it’s been a busy month with clients and teaching and my newsletter hasn’t been prioritised then talking about it when I do write my newsletter really helps. I think it’s called being authentic. I’ve always saved content I write to repurpose. It might be a lengthy reply to a client’s questions that later gets turned into a useful handout or social media content.

Which pieces of kit, technology and software could you not live without?

  • My new favourite is my Samson microphone, intended for the podcast I’m working on, but already being used for online workshops and masterclasses.
  • I have 2 frequency medicine devices. In my client practice I use the CIEM bioresonance programme and for friends, family and myself I use the Healy.
  • A smart phone is essential
  • and of course I love my homeopathic pharmacy and Australian Bush Flower Essences and would consider these as the heart of my practice, the real hardware!

What is your big vision for your women’s health business?

My big vision is a successful menopause podcast and getting some more published material into the world and really leaving a legacy of resources for other health practitioners to pick up and utilise in their own practices.

What pieces of advice would you give to a fellow women’s health founder?

  1. Be true to yourself, never think that you are not enough. We all have our own unique song to sing.
  2. Seek out support for the challenges that come to us all as they are your stepping stones, they are part of the journey to wholesomeness and celebrate your wins, that’s really important!

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