Hi, I'm Bridie Houlihan

Founder & CEO

“I have always been interested and working in women’s health and innovation, and have been fortunate to work across the charity, academic and private sectors. I’ve worked on projects such as water safety, life saving products, endometriosis, PCOS, weight-loss, infertility and nutrition and I have spent the last few years working towards my PhD in algorithmic impacts on women’s health decision making.” 

– Bridie Houlihan


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The Founding Journey

Now Female Health Founders has grown into one of the only online platforms for women’s health entrepreneurship, innovation and news. It evolved into this space as Bridie identified that there was a gap in online platforms and networks which are solely for women’s health entrepreneurs and innovators.

Fun Facts About Bridie

Curious about what it would be like to join FHF Inner Circle and work with Bridie? Here is a flavour of the person behind Female Health Founders. 

She hosted the first all female hackathon at Facebook HQ in London

She is severely dyslexic, which she accounts to her ability to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.

Her first academic publication was on a study for endometriosis and gut related symptoms.

She is passionate about advocating for business skills in secondary schools.

One of her businesses saw her go on live shopping TV.

She is a school and college drop out who went on to achieve two first class degrees.



PhD (in progress) on the impacts of social media on women's healthcare decision making.

Master of Arts degree with Distinction in International Development and Education.

First Class with Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Education Studies.

How Female Health Founders Works

The FHF Magic

01. Championing global perspectives

We believe that there is no one world view of women’s health or entrepreneurship that trumps another. Which is why our culture is to champion others, learn from each other’s perspectives and be open minded. 

02. Kindness over competition

In business and the field of women’s health there are often hierarchies and a competitive mindset. We value kindness and collaboration over competition. Believing that everyone adds value and can lift each other up. 

03. Advocating for change

Not only do we believe that women’s health SME’s are game changers in their own lives and their associated communities, but also are collectively one of the largest groups with potential impact to close the gender health gap. We use our FHF platform to advocate for women’s health SME’s. 

If you would like to join our FHF Inner Circle membership and become part of the FHF magic, then book a call below to have any of your membership questions answered. Or you can find out more here, or join up here

How FHF Can Help You

We are passionate about making the knowledge you need to succeed in your women’s health business free and accessible. Which is why all our expert articles, podcast interviews masterclass recordings and recourses are completely free for founders. This is our FHF pledge.  

Do You Want To Chat Over A Business Block?

We offer a free 30 min zoom call to all new women’s health business owners. This is a great time to share about your women’s health business, and chat over one key area you have hit a block in. After the call we will send you a list of potential solutions to help you move forward.