Female Health Founders is the platform and network for people working in women’s health with innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Removing the barriers to accessing women’s health business insights
  • Redefining success as profit with purpose
  • Reframing the gender health gap as solvable

Our Values

We speak with optimism and with solutions in mind. Building businesses and partnerships which do good in the world of women’s health.

We have no hierarchy. Everyone is welcome. Everyone adds value. We all can learn from and lift each other up.

We are committed to making it work. FHF works best when people get involved, bring their best to the community and lead by example.

Champion others, learn from each other’s perspectives and be open minded.

FHF is much more than just another “podcast & blog”. We have impactful aspirations.

We pledge to…

  • support 100 women’s health business to increase their impact in 2024
  • advocate and champion women’s health SME’s at a governmental and international level

Yes, these pledges and aspirations are bold. But we whole heartedly believe that the FHF platform, network and community can achieve these aims and prove that women’s health SME’s are the forgotten key which can change the world.

Why not experience the FHF culture for yourself?