Strategies For Success

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A collection of business strategies from fellow women’s health business owners to help you with your sales, partnerships, systems, marketing and role as a founder.


Inspiring Female Health Founders Business Stories

Every week there are new stories from our community. These diverse stories showcase women’s health business journeys from across the globe, covering many business models and areas of women’s health. These stories provide inspiration, insights and advice for fellow female health founders. 

21 Books To Transform Your Women's Health Business

A comprehensive list of books for your women’s health business, all are recommended by fellow female health founders. They cover 3 core categories:

  1. Develop as a founder
  2. Build your business
  3. Hone your women’s health knowledge

The Gender Health Gap Podcast

Listen into our podcast show which has a new guest every week where we discuss closing the gender health gap with entrepreneurship, innovation, collaboration and female leadership. New episode drops every Thursday.

Guest Expert Business Blogs

From IP and trade marks, to marketing and branding, to personal development and leadership, we have every area of your women’s health business learning needs covered!


Video Masterclass & Expert Interviews

30 Min Business Chat With Bridie

We offer a free 30 min zoom call to all new women’s health business owners. This is a great time to share about your women’s health business, and chat over one key area you have hit a block in. After the call we will send you a list of potential solutions to help you move forward.