and get back to why you became an entrepreneur.

A women’s health business combines purpose with the power of profits – it’s a business which can quite literally change lives.

Welcome To The Inner Circle.

Join Bridie Houlihan, founder of Female Health Founders to learn the FHF Collaboration Ecosystem business method.

01. Access

Masterclasses, business indexs, members community and chat threads for supporting your business to grow.

02. Participate

Participate in weekly live sessions from expert masterclasses to networking events to help move your business forward.

03. Grow

And collaborate within a private community of women’s health entrepreneurs, innovators and practitioners.

As a women's health entrepreneur you're at high risk of not getting investment.


There is so much pressure and lack of information on your journey to growing your business…

The reality is it can be a struggle even if you are not wanting to grow your business with investment, but are looking for grants or seeking co-founders. During this ‘next step’ stage in your business you can lose sight of the entire reason you got into your business in the first place!

Some days you feel like it’s not possible to grow.


One that allows you to create impact and income, that you can feel proud of.

  • But, when you have no idea what is truly going to move the needle and move you to the next stage…

  • When you have no investment pathway or financial stability, so you’re working flat out to bring in every single sale, every month…

  • When you feel trapped & spread thin instead of working in your zone of genius…

  • When you’re not sure how to create your first collaboration or partnership to move out of stalemate…

  • When you don’t have the strategies & support that let you feel supported and part of something bigger…

  • You find yourself chained to your emails and your never ending to-do list, without the growth to show for it, and your craving more time to lead your business than ‘work in’ you’re business.

I've been there…

I’m Bridie, founder and CEO of Female Health Founders, host of ‘The Gender Health Gap Podcast and aspiring angel investor in women’s health brands.

After I left academia, I had to go way back to basics. On the outside, everything looked great – two first class degrees, PhD near completion, 10 years in the sector, worked with some of the top players, and UN Women’s UK Delegate. It all looked like I was a sure bet.

But when I pitched FHF for investment, I was left feeling completely disillusioned and just miserable.

I’d been working in public health for over a decade and had worked my socks off to build FHF, but the solution to building my business was missing: collaboration.

I’d created a role and business where I was responsible for making every penny in the business and bringing in every subscriber and every follower. I had completely given up on the idea of being able to scale past the current status quo. 

And…I missed my friends and family. I was missing out on moments and adventures.

I was faced with either calling it quits and going back to academia… or choosing to take some risks, change up my strategy and do things differently.

And the craziest thing choosing not to focus on ‘needing’ investment to scale I built a Playbook I now operate by, and our audience doubled, sales increased by 120% all in just 3 months. News flash…it isn’t all about angel investors (good ones can be great – but they are the unicorns!).

To me, closing the gender health gap = the ability to work together and to work in new ways. 

This secret I discovered was a simple yet effective business growth strategy that almost anyone in women’s health can replicate. It relies on collaboration-ecosystems.

a collaboration-based women’s health business has a few key features:

  • A community of fellow women’s health founders, that supports your big vision.

  • A simple, scaleable model that supports harmony between your customer & the impact you want to make.

  • Access to an eco-system of women’s health business owners, coaches, innovators, consultants, support services, business professionals, tech developers, researchers and more.

  • Systems for growth and impact, which you can dial up or down.

  • Opportunities to network wtihin your community and eco-system.

  • A creative growth mindset, that allows you to see and create opportunities where previously you thought there were none.


The FHF Inner Circle Membership

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – Bridie Houlihan, founder of Female Health Founders, has created a global women’s health eco-system that is inclusive of business type, model, location, size and stage. 

In The FHF Inner Circle, you’ll get in-depth teaching from Bridie, along with masterclasses delivered by experts that you can watch live or dive into on demand and plug the learnings straight into your business. 

When you join the membership, you'll

  • Attend live online networking events to build your eco-system for success.
  • Receive live masterclasses from Bridie & the FHF expert partners.
  • Join a growing supportive community of like-minded women’s health founders and connect with others who “get it”.

And, as bonuses, you'll:

  • Get access to our FHF Masterclass Vault.
  • Access to our global funding, investment and grants index.
  • Access to our global accelerator programs index.
  • FHF Book Club
  • Women’s Health business directory listing.



here’s what you’ll find:

01. Community

Become part of a growing global community of women’s health entrepreneurs, innovators, coaches, practitioners, founders, CEO’s, researchers, Drs, Clinicians, technologists, Professors, Nurses, NGO’s and specialists all coming together to grow their businesses and close the gender health gap. 

02. Learning

A growing masterclass vault, recommended books bespoke to running a women’s health business, success strategies from fellow founders, founders stories and recommended business tools, all to help you learn and level up.

03. Support

Access support at your finger tips by downloading our app. Use our members support threads, opportunities threads, questions threads to ask quick fire questions, sense check a new deal or ask for feedback on your new launch.

04. Collaborations

Collaborations are the heart beat of the FHF Business Method, so it’s no surprise we have woven them into all areas of our membership. From our networking events, to our collaborations thread, to monthly 1:1 members join ups.

05. Live Events

We host bi-weekly live expert masterclasses and bi-weekly networking online events, which means you have the opportunity to attend a weekly live event to learn, network and connect.


Excellent Customer Service and Support

Female Health Founders is a must resource for those working in health.

It brings valuable insights for women to understand more about their health and for health founders to see what others are doing and feel inspired, motivated and encouraged through what is shared.

Claire Thomas
CEO – Nourish To Soar

Female health founders is a fantastic…

Female Health Founders is a fantastic platform for women’s health businesses. There is such a wealth of expertise from founders being shared in an exciting and innovative way.

Alison Logan
Founder – Bespoke & Local

Female health founders is incredibly…

Female health founders is incredibly informative bringing together some of the top voices thought the health industries.

Sharing a wealth of knowledge and creating a better understanding around women’s health issues.

Aisling Magil
CEO – Power of 7

Excellent Customer Service and Support

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to yourself Bridie Houlihan, Female Health Founders and Manmeet Kaur for the valuable information l took away from today’s workshop 🙏🏽

Vicki Hodges
CEO – Paulsefully

Every meeting has potential for a collaboration.

But, if you’re drowning in your business and trying to make potential investors happy, you might feel miles away from being able to capture those opportunities. If you’re struggling to move your business forward, create impact and grow your revenue…be encouraged.



Masterclass Vault

Funding Index

Online Networking

Community App

FHF Book Club

Live Expert Masterclasses

Collaboration & Support Threads

Founders Stories First

all this for just £44/month 


Plus a bonus 1:1 coaching call with Bridie when you join today – worth £335!

We don’t know when (or if)…we’ll offer this again, so don’t miss your chance!


Lisa Feveck

I’m Bridie Houlihan.

Fewer than 2% of venture capital funding was awarded to women owned businesses in the USA in 2022, with 85% of venture capitalists being male (you are more likely to pitch to a man named Dave than a woman), and only 13% of start ups being founded by a woman, this all creates a male dominated eco-system.

I’m on a mission to help these female founded and women’s health small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) grow past these statistics.

I’ve been featured in Women’s Health, BBC, Grazia and Refinary 29 and I’ve spoken to global audiences as both a women’s health researcher and entreprenuer.

I believe to my core that female health founders can create impact and income or as I like to call it ‘profit with purpose’  without trading their sanity, business values or moving away from the impact they so wants to make…

…and that’s exactly what we aim to do with The FHF Inner Circle.

High-impact founders need high-performing support


JOIN THE FHF INNER CIRCLE to learn the exact success strategies, tools and software fellow female health founders have used to help them scale, launch, onboard and sell.

I founded Female Health Founders on the premise that the world needs more female founders creating and leading the charge in women’s health.

There’s no reason that your women’s health business success should be capped by your gender. 

Not to mention – there’s no rule that says you can’t be a successful, respected CEO, investible, credible…and make a global impact on women’s health.

The FHF Inner Circle exists to provide the community, learnings, networking and resources to help you commit to your pursuit, and we put the eco-system in place to support you.




Bi-weekly online networking

Live expert masterclasses

Live monthly business surgeries

Funding & investment index

Masterclass vault

FHF community app

Global accelerator index

Members directory

Frequently asked questions

FHF Inner Circle Membership is for women’s health entrepreneurs, innovators and practitioners. We welcome the full eco-system in women’s health and open the doors to all:

  • Researchers
  • NGO’s
  • Advocates
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Consultants
  • Academics
  • Start-ups
  • Co-founders

Great question, we love a list so here you go:

  1. Bi-weekly online networking events
  2. Bi-weekly live expert masterclasses
  3. Masterclass vault
  4. Strategies for success
  5. Collaboration thread
  6. Support thread
  7. Members directory
  8. FHF Book Club
  9. First access to founders stories
  10. Accelerator global index
  11. Funding index
  12. Members events thread

Sorry to hear this – we know how it feels. The beauty of FHF Inner Circle is that it’s two-fold. Everything is self-paced and you will have access to a community of like-minded female health founders who can relate and support.

Absolutely, this is an exciting stage on your journey, and we welcome you in. There are many others who have been where you are, who will be able to support.

100% we have many solo founders in our membership.

Yes we welcome your co-founders, COO’s, CTO’s, your management teams and everyone else whom is working on your women’s health business. They can join as individuals, we have found this is the best way to foster connections and collaborations.