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Recommended kit
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Dr Genevieve von LobAnd I’ve invested in a Shure microphone and stand to ensure I have professional quality audio when appearing on podcasts and recording audio.  Shure Microphone
Cathy PearceThe last piece of ‘kit’ I couldn’t live without is my headphones. Trying to tap in to the vast amounts of knowledge out there is virtually impossible, but if I am out for a walk, run, doing the dishes or taking a moment, I can access a huge amount of information through podcasts.Bluetooth Headphones
Schnel Hanson
My MacBook for flexibility
Helen RitchieLaptop and mobile phone are essential for running my business and creating and posting content to tall the social channels.Laptop
I also use a light ring and tripod for webinars and talking to video for social content. Ring Light & Tripod
Jaspreet BamraLastly, my phone is my creative instrument, essential for creating bespoke hypnosis RTT audios that are essential to each client’s therapeutic journey, and for keeping in touch with clients via calls, messages and texts.iPhone
Martyn Kellard It has to be my phone! Although I do admit that I spend quite a bit of time on it, the flip side is that I can practically run 95% of my online business from this little device. The flexibility and freedom it gives me is simply amazing. I intentionally set up my different software to work seamlessly on my phone so that I can travel light and work on the go if needed. It’s truly a friend to my business!iPhone
Recommended kit
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Smart Phone
Bluetooth Headphones