Welcome to our growing directory of recommendations curated by fellow female health founders. As entrepreneurs in the ever-evolving landscape of health and wellness, we understand the importance of leveraging the right software and technologies to thrive in our respective fields. This collection of recommendations spans across a multitude of areas, ranging from design and communication to project management and financial management.

What sets our recommendations apart is that they come directly from founders who have navigated the challenges and triumphs of building successful ventures within the health and wellness industry. Each recommendation is grounded in real-world experience and tailored to meet the unique needs of female health entrepreneurs and innovators in this space.

From Dr. Genevieve von Lob’s reliance on Canva for creating captivating Instagram posts to Martyn Kellard’s endorsement of PT Distinction for streamlining coaching programs, these recommendations offer invaluable insights into the tools that have propelled our businesses forward. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to optimise your existing operations, this directory serves as a treasure trove of tried-and-tested resources to help you achieve your goals.

As this directory continues to grow with contributions from more female health founders like yourself, we encourage you to bookmark this page and revisit it often. Here, you’ll find a wealth of recommendations that can elevate your business, streamline your workflows, and ultimately, contribute to your success in the health and wellness industry.

Recommended Technology
Photo by Jopwell on Pexels.com

Dr Genevieve von Lob1: I don’t consider myself very arty, so Canva has been a huge blessing, allowing me to create high-quality Instagram posts or lead magnets for online courses despite my lack of graphic design skills.Canva
2: Zoom is of course a must for my one-on-one sessions. 
3: I also rely heavily on Shutterstock to illustrate my newsletters. 
4: And I’ve invested in a Shure microphone and stand to ensure I have professional quality audio when appearing on podcasts and recording audio.  Shure Microphone
Vicki Hodges1: Canva – All my designs are made through this fantastic app! It has been invaluable to running my business as I can easily make all the marketing materials and social media post through it.Canva
2: WhatsApp – I use this for supporting and motivating my clients between sessions. I also have so many chat groups full of inspirational female entrepreneurs who get what it is like. We text daily and I couldn’t be without my ladies!WhatsApp
Schnel Hanson1: My MacBook for flexibilityMacBook
2: Communication platforms like Slack for team collaboration
3: Project management software such as Trello
4: Cloud storage solutions like Google Drive for seamless access to filesGoogle Drive
Cathy Pearce1: I am in love with Canva, seeing as we live in the digital age and an especially visual one, Canva is amazing for opening that creative outlet to be able to communicate information in several different ways and several different online formats.Canva
2: Zoom is also a friend of mine, though I traditionally train people in person, I use Zoom to meet with all the wonderful, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are empowering women’s health.Zoom
3: The last piece of ‘kit’ I couldn’t live without is my headphones. Trying to tap in to the vast amounts of knowledge out there is virtually impossible, but if I am out for a walk, run, doing the dishes or taking a moment, I can access a huge amount of information through podcasts.Bluetooth Headphones
Helen Ritchie1: I could not function with my website, created by WebHealer, which is a company that specialises in creating and maintaining websites for therapists.WebHealer
2: Laptop and mobile phone are essential for running my business and creating and posting content to tall the social channels.MacBook
3: I also use a light ring and tripod for webinars and talking to video for social content. Ring Light & Tripod
4: Calendly web software for scheduling and allowing potential clients to book in discovering calls with me.Calendly
5: Practice Management software that enables me to automate my business processes eg the terms and conditions, detailed health questionnaires, food diaries and payment. Practice Management
6: I have used PracticeBetter but have switched recently to a UK provider called HealthPath Pro.HealthPath Pro
Dinara Mukh1: There’s one tool I absolutely rely on for my business: Kajabi. It’s like a Swiss Army knife—it does everything I need, from hosting courses to managing emails, events, and my website. With Kajabi, I can do most of the things in my business in one place, without bouncing between different apps. It’s super convenient and saves me a ton of time. If you want an all-in-one solution for your business, I highly recommend it.Kajabi
Jaspreet Bamra1: In my practice, key components include Zoom, a secure online platform that serves as the cornerstone for virtual sessions, fostering a strong connection with clients regardless of their physical location.Zoom
2: Stripe helps me seamlessly handle payments and subscription setups, guaranteeing a secure and efficient financial process.Stripe
3: Mailchimp allows me to manage email lists and craft engaging landing pages to stay connected with my audience.Mailchimp
4: Lastly, my phone is my creative instrument, essential for creating bespoke hypnosis RTT audios that are essential to each client’s therapeutic journey, and for keeping in touch with clients via calls, messages and texts.iPhone
Martyn Kellard1: Canva is an amazing design software app that I absolutely love using to create stunning content for my social media and coaching app. The best part is that it offers both a free version and a paid version for just £10.99 per month, which is an incredible value for my business needs.Canva
2: The PT Distinction software is seriously a game changer for me when it comes to running my coaching app. It has allowed me to automate certain aspects of my programs and provide an easy-to-navigate coaching area for my clients. PT Distinction
3: It has to be my phone! Although I do admit that I spend quite a bit of time on it, the flip side is that I can practically run 95% of my online business from this little device. The flexibility and freedom it gives me is simply amazing. I intentionally set up my different software to work seamlessly on my phone so that I can travel light and work on the go if needed. It’s truly a friend to my business!iPhone
Helen McAllister1: Starling and Xero meaning that invoicing and managing finances is straightforward.Starling & Xero
2: Canva for creative content.Canva
Joanne Birkitt1: Calm – start with you, get your headspace in the right place.Canva
2: Calendly– a good place to start for meeting scheduling. Calendly
3: Seedlegals – these guys are the best for all things legal, financial and fund raising. Everything you need in one place and the fees are very very reasonable and they’re great to work with.Seedlegals
4: Monday.com – Great for project management, whether you have or are solo.Monday.com
5: Xero or Quickbooks – you don’t need an accountant when you start.Xero & Quickbooks
6: Canva & Later – love these for being creative and for scheduling all things social media .Canva & Later
Ravneet Panesar1: Coach Accountable: I host my coaching programs on this web platform and it’s a godsend. You can on-board clients (book them in), take payment, have them sign their contract, deliver your courses and communicate with them. This isn’t even the half of it. You can use your brand colours and personalise it too. Coach Accountable
2: Stripe/Paypal: To take payments these are great. They can also integrate with other services.Stripe & Paypal
3: Systeme: Newsletters I sent via mailchimp often bounced into junk. Since sending emails using Systeme newsletter function I have better deliverability. You can also run courses and take payments on this platform but I haven’t explored this.Systeme
4: Canva: The free version is still GREAT value. You can design posts, templates, documents, and pretty much anything using Canva.Canva
5: Zoom: for video calls I adopted using Zoom (versus MS 365) because of the integration with Facebook etc. Zoom
Recommended Technology
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com