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Why Strategies For Success Are Key

Welcome to our FHF strategies for success, where we delve into the unique approaches that have propelled fellow female health founders to new heights in their businesses. What sets these strategies apart is their industry-specific relevance—a far cry from generic success advice. Studies show that knowledge sharing strategies among entrepreneurs can significantly shorten the journey to success and increase success rates by up to 30%.

Why? Because in the dynamic landscape of women’s health entrepreneurship, the challenges, opportunities, and nuances demand tailored solutions. It’s not just about profit margins; it’s about addressing the intricacies of women’s health with empathy, innovation, and inclusivity. By sharing our strategies, we offer insights born from firsthand experience, honed through the trials and triumphs of navigating this specialised field.

At the core of our ethos lies connection, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We understand that in an industry where every breakthrough can change lives, we’re stronger together. Each strategy shared here isn’t just a roadmap to success; it’s a testament to the power of community, where fellow founders uplift, inspire, and support one another.

Our success strategy knowledge share page isn’t just about individual achievements; it’s about fostering a collective ecosystem of growth and empowerment. By opening our playbook, we pave the way for future generations of female health founders, ensuring that they too can thrive in an industry that values authenticity, collaboration, and shared success. Join us on this journey of transformation, where together, we redefine what it means to succeed in women’s health entrepreneurship.

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Female Health Founders Strategies For Success

Dr Genevieve von LobDeveloping the discipline to write a regular newsletter is also a great way to build a community of supporters who feel nourished and inspired by your work. Though building a newsletter audience takes time and effort, it’s a great way to stay in touch with past and potential coaching clients, and launch retreats and online courses.  
Vicki HodgesIt’d be always reminding myself of the core values of my business and acting upon them for my own self-care and the impact I can have on women’s health.
We live in such a fast paced world that often leaves us in burnout. Running a business can be tough so I make sure I practice what I preach and take time to rest and recharge. I am always sharing top tips on how women can do this too.
Connection: Networking, mentoring and coaching plus collaboration with other businesses have been pivotal for the success of pausefully and the women we support.
Schnel HansonOne pivotal strategy for the success of my business has been fostering genuine connections with clients. By prioritising personalised support, empathy, and trust, I’ve successfully cultivated long-lasting relationships built on mutual respect and shared goals.
Lee ForresterA pivotal strategy that has significantly contributed to the success of my business is centred around the power of storytelling and authentic self-expression.
Cathy PearceGetting back to basics.
Helen RitchieI believe my volunteering for the Public Health Collaboration has helped me raise awareness of nutritional therapy and what I do in the local medical community of GPs and their patients. This has led to paid work within the NHS and now as a Health Coach on the Diabetes Prevention Programme, which I do alongside running my own private clinic of clients.
Dubara MukhOne key strategy that has truly shaped the success of my business is syncing my activities with my menstrual cycle. This simple yet powerful approach has changed how I work and made me more efficient and aligned with my strengths. At first it might seem unconventional but by recognising the different phases of my cycle and how they impact my energy, focus, and creativity, I’ve been able to optimise my productivity. 
Jaspreet BamraA pivotal strategy in my business’s success has been authentic storytelling. Sharing my personal journey, struggles, and triumphs has created a genuine connection with my audience. This transparency not only builds trust but also resonates with individuals seeking authentic guidance on their own transformative paths.
Martyn KellardI decided to hire a business coach to assist me in mapping out and planning my business, both for the present and the future. Although it was a significant financial investment, I firmly believe that nothing is truly expensive if it provides immense value and helps solve problems.
Helen McAllisterClient feedback- hearing first hand what an impact even a few sessions can make, and how the change is long lasting as you learn how your mind works and that level of understanding helps you to check in with yourself and refer back to those tools that you created whenever you need them.
Joanne Birkittit’s all about collaborations and partnerships.
Amanda MarshallAdapting and changing when needed.
Thinking ‘outside of the box’ and having an open mind has been key to us surviving and growing.
Ravneet PanesarTaking a paid part time role within the NHS! I have been able to continue my personal development and education which is paramount when others rely on your for their health guidance. The Health and Wellbeing Coach role is a perfect compliment to my private Coaching through my business. Initially I felt I was ‘cheating’ on my business which was far from the truth. It’s okay to be in paid income in the same niche, or to find a role that enhances your experience in your business niche.
Collaborating with other coaches in the same industry has been a godsend. We share the same passion and we share similar messages to reinforce best practice! These peers keep me sane, I can turn to them and also work alongside them.
You don’t need to compete to get ahead! Collaboration over competition. It’s great when these coaches can support your clients with things you’re not qualified to do!
Charmaine TevershamUsing surveys on social media with women asking what they want to know, what their struggles are and how they can help themselves. I ask open questions on social media for women to be able to talk, learn, and share information with other women to raise awareness of issues from PCOS to menopause. 
Claire ThomasGain clarity on your “why” as it will be a steadfast guide during challenging times.
Building a supportive community of like-minded individuals who can offer encouragement and assist in navigating possibilities is crucial.
While understanding the market and your clients is valuable, don’t hesitate to experiment with new ideas; every step is a valuable learning opportunity, not a failure.
Donna de VilliersSurround yourself with people who are on a similar journey, creating your professional tribe for support and collaboration.
Despite the inclination to handle every aspect of your business independently, it’s essential to recognise that everyone needs help. Reach out!  
Identify the right individuals to work with you and fill in the gaps.
My personal recommendation is to consider bringing on a Brand Strategist and a business coach or sales coach; mine has had a transformative impact on my business and continues to do so! 

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