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Female Health Founders is a must...

Female Health Founders is a must resource for those working in health.

It brings valuable insights for women to understand more about their health and for health founders to see what others are doing and feel inspired, motivated and encouraged through what is shared.

Claire Thomas
Wealth of expertise from founders

Female Health Founders is a fantastic platform for women's health businesses. There is such a wealth of expertise from founders being shared in an exciting and innovative way.

Alison Logan
FHF what a great concept

FHF what a great concept. For so long women have had to struggle alone and in pain with their health struggles. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the founders and I am looking forward to receiving the newsletters.

Female Health Founders is incredibly informative

Female health founders is incredibly informative bringing together some of the top voices thought the health industries.

Sharing a wealth of knowledge and creating a better understanding around women’s health issues

Aisling Magill
FHF what a great concept

Female Health Founders is shaping the world for the better by improving the lives of many businesses and people all around the globe. I feel privileged to contribute alongside such amazing founders-it is empowering. 

Sal Judiah

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